A cozy enclave of imaginative cuisine is now open in the quiet neighborhood of Almaza aiming to be one of the best restaurants in Heliopolis, serving a number of delicious dishes from the mind of Head Chef Mahmoud el Antaki. Firmly rooted in the ethos of farm-to-table, the menu is tightly woven to include organic ingredients and flavors from a number of rated Egyptian vendors, always fresh and never frozen. We visited for a pleasant dinner and left craving more.

Signatures Dishes & Dishes Sampled

Signatures dishes include the Crispy Chicken Molokhia Bruschetta, Eggs Benedict, Brisket Sandwich.

Contrary to most restaurants in Cairo, the menu is not three pages long and we loved that. Scanning the concise menu was still a drool-inducing struggle, because every single dish seemed delicious and a must-try, however we settled on the Yellow Moon Salad, Crispy Chicken Molokhia Bruschetta and the Garlic Shrimp for starters.

Our salad was packed with flavor and crunch: crispy apple slivers and walnuts mixed with a citrusy pop of orange and the smooth finish of goat cheese, summer in a bowl and a perfect palate primer. The bruschetta was an innovative twist on the Italian classic, a heaping portion of tender chicken dressed in crunchy seasoned molokhia leaves, tomato and goat cheese, laid on a thick slice of white loaf. It was delightful to see a traditional Egyptian ingredient used in such an unexpected way, and the final result was superb. The pan-seared Garlic Shrimp was also perfectly cooked, dressed in a citrus jus and edible flowers, and brought to mind summer trips to Southern Spain. Dunking bread into the remaining oyster sauce is highly recommended!

We were excited to move onto our main courses, tucking into Chef Antaki’s recommendations of Honey Glazed Salmon, Brie Stuffed Chicken, and the Funghi Risotto. We love salmon, and Yellow Moon did not let us down. Tender, juicy, and served on a bed of delicious sweet potato purée and caramelized grilled veggies – we could eat this dish every day. The Funghi Risotto was packed with creamy flavor, three different types of mushroom and heaps of shaved Parmesan, served al dente the way we like it – this can be shared and is a perfect accompaniment to a main dish. The Brie Stuffed Chicken was spot on and we can see why it is a hit on the menu. Tender to the bite and stuffed with sun-dried tomato, Brie cheese and sautéed spinach, it is always appreciated to tuck into a juicy chicken breast in a city teeming with overcooked and dry offerings.

With little room to spare, we couldn’t pass up dessert so we braved head-on into a serving of the Dulce De Leche in a Jar topped with fresh mango cubes. This is a classic dessert served in a modern way, but still delicious all the same. Topped with meringue biscuit and an unmistakable Egyptian twist of mango, we loved every bite. Highly recommended.

Other Menu Options that Appealed & Beverages Available


Everything! We’ll be back to try the Steak Tenderloin, Brisket Sandwich, General Tso’s Chicken and Loaded Yellow Burger for sure. The Breakfast/Brunch menu also looks sensational, with options like Benedict Sliders, Salmon Open Toast and Fruit Pancakes.

A wide selection of virgin cocktails, milkshakes, smoothies and fresh juices are available, along with hot drinks. Ask for the drink of the day, we were treated to a smashingly fresh Summer Moon Cocktail comprised of hibiscus, basil and orange juice.

Décor & Ambience

Minimalist, comfortable and chic with a classic touch. Black and white photos of yesteryear’s rock stars adorn the walls and the space is well-lit, inviting, with low-key and pleasant music that doesn’t distract. Modern tables, beautiful wooden chairs and bench seating is available with intimate corners for those who seek privacy. It is well-equipped for business meetings with sockets available everywhere. An eye-catching and unique wall installation reaffirms the unique brand of the restaurant, which we enjoyed staring at for some time.

Ambience is friendly! This is a cheery place that caters for everyone and the service staff is non-intrusive but still helpful.

Clientele mix: Young couples out on a date, groups of friends and a few business-y types. Anyone can enjoy this place.

Price range: A little above average, but totally worth it when you consider the ingredients and culinary artistry.

Contact Information 

Opening Hours: 10 am to midnight. Breakfast/brunch served until 4 pm every day.

Address: 118 Omar Ibn Al Khattab, Almaza, Heliopolis

Tel: 0106 003 4700

Facebook/Instagram: @YellowMoonEG