World Water Day: Why Most People Fail to Save Water

World Water Day: Why Most People Fail to Save Water

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If you think you can save water you might be wrong. We tend to underestimate the value of water when in fact it is finite. Earth only has 3% freshwater sources and 2.5% of those are trapped in glaciers, soil, or lies too far under the surface of the earth. That leaves us with 0.5%!

Use these simple measures in your daily routine to save water properly:

By Mariam Elhamy

  1. Don’t overfill your kettle. You probably need water for just 2 cups and the rest of that water will probably just go to waste. Save water and energy by only filling your kettle with the amount of water you need. Also, it will boil faster!
  2. Check your toilet for leaks. Put a few drops of any food coloring in your toilet tank, if it starts to appear in the toilet itself without you flushing it then you have a leak that might be wasting more than 400 liters every day.
  3. Don’t flush excessively or for no reason. Flushing away toilet paper and cigarette butts also flushes 26 liters of fresh water so just throw them in the bin.
  4. If you like taking long showers (30+mins) take a bath instead.save water
  5. While you lather your soap, scrub, shave or brush your teeth, save 6 liters of water by turning it off. (Fill the bottom of your sink with some water to rinse your razor while shaving)
  6. Remember that dripping faucet you’ve been meaning to fix? Fix it! Leaky pipes and faucets tend to waste 200 liters of water per day.
  7. Use your washing and laundry machines only when they are fully loaded. Washing machines use more than 100 liters per wash.
  8. Fill your sink with clean water when washing fruits and vegetables instead of letting it run. Same when washing dishes, only run the water after you’ve finished scrubbing to rinse.save water
  9. Water your lawn early and long enough for water to go down to the roots where it is needed. A light sprinkling midday will just evaporate because of the heat.
  10. Let the leftover water from boiling veggies or pasta to cool and use it to water your plants.

Here are a couple of cute iguanas washing their hands

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