Tati Hafez takes us on a quick tour of all the new spots and services available to East Siders! What’s new

Gramophone Heliopolis – Just like the 30’s what’s new

Gramophone is a nostalgic journey throughout the 1930s. A delight to oriental art lovers, and a true gem of the priceless moments of the 30s decade. A place to work, meet friend and relax to the sound of old classics.

Address: 10 Mahmoud Hafez Street, Safir Square, Heliopolis
Telephone: 0101 274 1166

MAKWA – Hassle-free laundry service through an APP what’s new

Makwa is a mobile application that offers you dry cleaning, washing and ironing services by just clicking a button. A revolutionary service where you choose your pick up and delivery times, have your own personalized laundry bag collected, track your order, and fine tune your order. Now available at New Cairo and Maadi.


What’s new

PAVO – Duffle bags What’s new

PAVO is an Egyptian Brand producing practical, beautiful, high quality affordable bags. The idea began with a need for a 3-day trip bag that would be convenient, affordable and stylish. From the first production of duffle bags, PAVO has grown its collection to other models. The collection is on display online.
Telephone: 0122 210 2650

What’s new

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