By: Mariam Elhamy

Most men are afraid of attachment and commitment, even when they love someone deeply, they’ll still have doubts about getting into something real with her. We are deconstructing the formula to find out all the things men hate about relationships.

Not Enough Guy Time

Men hate to feel guilty for spending time with their bros. They like to have the freedom to do that whenever they want.

The Drama 

Men hate women who are always in a bad mood. They hate women who always complain or nag about something.

Financial Worries

Men have to pay for almost everything in a relationship. They hate how some women are always expecting too much of them.


Always needing a man’s attention gets on his nerves. Men like to be needed to an extent, but they love a strong woman who can take care of herself too.

No Appreciation

Men do a lot of things to please their woman because they want to make her happy. They hate it when women take their efforts for granted or don’t appreciate it.

Not Knowing What They Want

Being indecisive might be cute at the beginning of a relationship but men dislike always having to make the decisions. They also hate when a woman is not being direct with what she wants.


Women who check a guy’s phone to spy even though she has no reason to suspect him makes a man feel mistrusted. Men hate it when a woman’s jealousy gets ahead of her.

Sharing Relationship Secrets

Some women might talk about their relationship with other people. Men dislike having others come between them and their girl.

Talking About Others

Let’s admit it, women love gossiping! Men don’t usually gossip and when they do it’s pretty harmless. They hate it when a woman keeps badmouthing others in an unjustified way.


Women sometimes try to make men jealous by doing the things that tick them the most. Men really hate that.


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