After recently conducting a bit of research and a few surveys among male friends to see how men perceive women, it is safe to say that men have admittedly lost the plot. Men (the ones in my small sample at least), seem to view women as these beautiful and wild creatures that do not make much sense to them.

A lot of the confusion may come from how men perceive their own selves, as creatures of logic, and how they assume women are, driven by emotion. Let’s take a look at most of the things men perceive to be true about what makes a woman; they may be the farthest from the truth… or are they?

By Ahmed Talal

What motivates women?

While the men in my sample survey seem to think women are motivated by external validation, i.e., compliments on their external appearance, truth is, from my own personal interactions, women seem to be motivated by appreciation. Seeking validation and seeking appreciation are two completely different things.

Women do not necessarily seek appreciation, because appreciation or not, they will still keep going. But, wanting appreciation comes from a genuine place of wanting to be acknowledged and wanting to be seen.

Women’s work often goes unseen, not in the sense of invisibility, but in the sense of lack of recognition. With women’s movements shedding more light on the accomplishments of women, equality in the workplace, and the gargantuan task of being a stay-at-home mom, women’s work is increasing in visibility, but there is still much work to be done.

What compromises are women prepared to make?

The men in my sample believe that women are prepared to compromise so long as it does not affect their personal gains… at this point, I myself was beginning to see how little the men in my sample understand women.

With that said, anyone with women in their lives can see that women make daily compromises and sacrifices for the sake of their families and loved ones. Mothers especially are the epitome of that.

A woman’s emotion is her greatest strength and driver; all human beings are emotional creatures, men and women, but women seem to have a certain intuition that guides them to make the hard decisions and make instantaneous sacrifices and compromises for the greater good.

How do women expect to be treated?

The men in my sample survey feel as though women expect to be treated with the utmost respect. Of course, that is part of it but not the full equation. My belief is, and correct me if I’m wrong, women expect to be treated with honesty first and foremost and with chivalry too.

Just like how men expect women to nurture the family with care and attention, women expect men to return the favor as they want to feel safe and want to feel important. Treating a lady the right way requires a number of principles that include showing integrity but also some character.

Women want to be challenged too and treated with equality and the same respect that a man receives. Respect is definitely a two-way street and needs to be earned regardless of whether you’re male or female.

What do women care about professionally?

Well, the men in my sample seem to think women are driven by money, thanks to the age-old idea of the gold-digger. But really, who isn’t driven by money in this day and age.

Women however have a harder road to tread in the professional realm, and so from what I’ve seen, women can work twice as hard just to prove their professional worth. They are ambitious because their road is laced with more challenges than men.

What do women want in a man?

The men in my sample seem to think women want a man who’s good-looking and makes money. Boy, are they in for a rude awakening in their lives. Women have so much more depth… we’re the ones that generally speaking, seem to overlook that.

Some men, not all, may view their physical appearance as the main point of attraction for women because they themselves are usually attracted to women from a purely physical standpoint. Whereas most women have that gene that detects the man who can provide for and protect the family.

Women like a man they can look up to on a personal and professional level, someone they can be proud of, and someone who treats them with dignity and respect. Sees them, hears them, and acknowledges them. It also helps if he too is a feminist!

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