Love Language

Did you know that you and your partner might have completely different love languages? If your relationship vibe is off sometimes or your partner doesn’t understand your needs and you feel like you always have to be verbal about what you want then maybe it’s because they speak a different love language!

By: Mariam Elhamy

Every one of us has a specific love language which is the way we express our love and expect it back. You might be expressing love through buying gifts, physical affection, running errands or helping your partner out to make things easier for them. There are 5 languages of love and you need to find out what you and your partner speak so that you can have a more meaningful and understanding relationship.

Words of Affirmation

When they say “I love you” or “You’re so special to me” it means the world to you. You love to be complemented by your partner, it shows you how much they love and appreciate you. Hearing loving words from someone you love is much more special to you than if they give you a gift or a hug.

Receiving Gifts

You love it when your partner picks out small gifts, buys you flowers, chocolates or gets you your favorite food. To you, it means they’re thinking about you and showing you how much you’re worth through meaningful gifts without any special occasions.

Love Language

Quality Time

Above all else, you really enjoy and appreciate having quality time with your partner. You love it when they take the time and the effort to see you and hang out. You appreciate having their undivided attention and hate it when they check their phone or get distracted by something else. Spending undistracted quality time is how you prefer to show your love to someone and how you expect it back.

Love Language

Physical Touch

Long hugs, cuddles, holding hands or backrubs on a stressful day are all ways you show your love to someone. Words don’t mean much to you because you love it when your partner shows you how much they miss you by giving you a long hug or holding your hands.

Acts of Service

How do you know if someone really loves you? They help make the world an easier place for you to live and you’ll do the same. You would do anything for someone you really love even if it seems inconvenient but that’s how you show them how much you love them. Every time you feel that they’re stressed out or have too much on their mind you jump in to help out even without being asked and you expect the same.

Love Language

Communicate and understand the language that your partner speaks. If your partner feels unloved when you don’t hug them enough, no matter how many gifts you buy they’ll still feel like something is missing so take the time to talk about each other’s expectations and build a better bond.

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