Not every relationship is meant to be, so how can we tell the difference or know when to hold on to someone and when to let them go. Sometimes we get too consumed by a toxic relationship that we can’t even see how negatively it’s affecting us.

Today, we’ve decided to address the elephant in the room and explain what exactly is a toxic relationship.

By Mariam Elhamy

If you think you love them think again!

Love should never be the main reason you stay in a relationship because relationships require way more than the mere fact that you love them. If there is no respect, trust, communication, and appreciation, then the relationship will most probably end up being an unhealthy one.


Any relationship should have mutual respect between the partners. Respect for boundaries, personal space, privacy, needs and wants, and last but not least values and beliefs.

If one or both partners don’t respect each other that way, like being too clingy when the other person needs some time off, or having someone be too nosy and not respecting your privacy when you clearly don’t want to share something, or making decisions for the both of you without talking it through first. These are all signs of an unhealthy relationship.

Trust is not given. It’s Earned

When lack of trust makes you unable to communicate what you feel or be able to be yourself without being judged then it’s pretty obvious that there’s something wrong with the relationship.

If you constantly feel hesitant to speak your mind or not comfortable enough to entrust them with something serious then maybe they hurt or betrayed you that you don’t trust them anymore.

Communication is Key

Not any communication is good communication. Barking random words at each other without actually listening to what the other person is saying and putting ourselves in his/her shoes is the worst kind of communication that can be.

If you don’t make an effort to really listen and understand what your partner is trying to say then this will lead to pent-up emotions and lots of passive-aggressiveness.

Appreciation can go a long way 

Taking the time and effort to show your partner that you appreciate them with a gift, a small token of appreciation or even a kind word can go a very long way. It’s these small gestures of thank you are what really matter.

If you feel that you’re doing all the effort but your partner doesn’t share these kind words or doesn’t appreciate you enough, you should reconsider why they don’t do that.

There are so many types of toxic relationships, when you find yourself being lied to, manipulated, mistrusted, taken advantage of, belittled or betrayed, you should really consider leaving the person because it’s really unhealthy for you to stay in a relationship like this.

No matter how much you think you love them you might be much better off without them because at the end of the day if you feel alone all the time, what’s the point of the relationship?

Toxic relationships don’t necessarily have to be between couples. Relationships with your family, friends or even work colleagues could also be toxic for various reasons. If you find yourself consistently feeling sad, angry, anxious, drained or bitter about your relationship then it’s time to scrutinize it and reassess where you are going with it.

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