It’s time to celebrate men and we are your man with a plan! Here are a few ways you can pamper your man and make him feel special on International Men’s Day this year. Whether it’s your dad, brother, husband or friend, show the men in your life some love because they deserve it.

By Mariam Elhamy

1. Write an Appreciation Letter or Note

In a text or a handwritten letter that is even more special, you can write the things you love and appreciate about your man. The way he helps you out or makes your life easier.

2. Make Him his Favorite Dish

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, although it’s not exactly definitive it holds some truth in it. Make him his favorite meal on this special day.

3. Let Him Do the Talking

If he wants to give him his space, but if he’s the quiet type who holds everything in. Give him a chance to talk about his thoughts and feelings without interrupting, judging or arguing. He might not need advice only someone to listen, so just let him talk!

4. Book a Spa Day

Most men rarely complain, especially about how physically tired or stressed they are. Make your man feel heard and take him for a relaxing spa day to unwind and de-stress him.

5. Do Something He Enjoys for a Change

You hate action movies and you think football matches are boring so you never do any of that with your man. Make an effort to show interest in his hobbies and interests this time and go for his activity ideas.


6. Plan a Boys Night Out or In

What a man would love even more than boys night is you planning it yourself. Invite his friends over or arrange and buy tickets for a concert or a match, he’ll love the time alone with his buddies.

7. Take Him on a Nice Vacation

Take the day off or go on a short vacation with him on the weekend. An unexpected holiday is always exciting. Don’t plan everything and just let him decide what he wants to do.

8. Let Him Have his Undisturbed “Me Time”

Whether he likes spending hours on his Playstation, watching horror films or listening to music while he smokes a cigar on the couch, let him have it his way.

9. Arrange a Full Body Checkup 

Show him his physical health is also a priority and book him the full medical checkup that he’s been postponing. He’ll appreciate it later.

10. Bring Him a Gift 

They buy us gifts all the time so it’s time to repay the debt. Guys always love it when you bring them something they’ve been talking about or wanting to get. It shows you really listen and it’s always nice when someone else buys them they want.


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