Water conservation

We may not be aware of just how much water we’re wasting on a daily basis, and this in itself is another pandemic. Water may soon become a scarce commodity in the near future.

Water conservation is of great importance and can be mindfully managed by making some better lifestyle decisions that can be applied every day.

By Ahmed Talal

Where do we waste water, and how can we be more mindful?

To kick off the list, one of the first things we do when starting our day is brushing our teeth; too many of us are leaving our faucets running, letting the water go to waste and this needs to change. Here’s what we can do about it:

The Bathroom:
  • Turn on the faucet very lightly to just soften the bristles on the toothbrush and then close it.
  • Make sure to also use just one glass of water to rinse out after brushing instead of leaving the water running to gargle.
  • We should also stop using our toilets as garbage bins. In other words, throwing used tissues or cigarette filters in a toilet wastes a ton of water because each flush uses several gallons of water. Use a bin.
The Kitchen:
  • Many of us are guilty of leaving the water running when rinsing their vegetables and fruits, which wastes a lot of water. Instead, let’s fill up our sink and rinse all of the veggies in it.
  • Dishwashers are also a true lifesaver as they are a better substitute to washing and rinsing dishes by hand. To ensure the most amount of water saved, scrape the chunks and bits of stubborn food off of the plates and carefully place them in the dishwasher. Afterwards, set it to a light wash if possible, which can save a lot of water. Studies have shown that when you hand wash, you’re using 3.5 times as much water as a dishwasher uses.Water conservation
The Home:
  • Instead of drenching our driveways or walk-ways in front of our homes, let’s sweep with a broom. Hosing these areas uses up hundreds of gallons of water, depending on the pressure that the hose is pumping.
  • If you have a garden, research water conservation methods with which you can care for your plants instead of over-watering with a hose, or leaving the hose running.
  • Maintenance work around the house should also be conducted once or twice a year to ensure that there are no leakages whatsoever from any pipes or faucets, which could wasteful as well.
  • We might also opt for taking a bath instead of a long shower, as showers waste gallons and gallons of water. Baths are also much more relaxing, and we could all use that time to unplug.
  • If you prefer showers; try taking shorter ones or at the very least, adjust your shower heads to the least spraying setting.
Other ways to save water:
  • Car washes are yet another way water is misused because hosing down cars from top to bottom is no more effective than just using a bucket full of water with some soap and a sponge.
  • Thoroughly scrub the car using the soapy water and after being completely done, quickly hose down the remaining soap, or better yet, use a small towel and mop up the moist exterior.

The smallest changes can truly make the biggest differences in conserving water and can go a long way in protecting our environment. If we are just a little bit more water conscious, then we can ensure water supplies last for generations to come.

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