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Stuck at home this summer? Perhaps you’re staying safe by quarantining? Make the most of your staycation with these super interesting online courses to enhance and develop your talents and hobbies! Read on!

By Malak Abd El Ghaffar

1. Put on your learning hat!


Choose from over 3,900 online courses across a really wide range of subjects. Some of which are university-certified and can even lead to degrees. Learn a new skill, sharpen an old one, or dive into a subject you’ve always found interesting but never had the time for.

2. Lost and seeking personal career guidance from a pro?

online is an online website and free app for coaching and goal-tracking. It offers you the freedom to tailor the coaching experience you need. With exclusive access to over 8,000 personal coaches, across a range of subjects, these coaches offer you personalized leadership that caters to the specific workplace problems you’re facing and the goals you want to reach.

3. That language you’ve always wanted to learn!


Duolingo is a free website that uses a competitive method in motivating users to learn a new language. Using points, levels, and achievements, users’ journeys of learning a new language become fun, beneficial, and highly addictive. Create a free account, pick the language you want to learn, and you’re ready to go.

4. In need of leveling up your brain?


Spreeder is a website that helps you read faster and understand better. Through special techniques, tips, and tricks practiced by well-known speed-reading trainers and record-holders, you’ll be going through Tolstoy in no time. Spreeder also eases your reading process and makes it even more enjoyable.


Lumosity is a free online game that targets all age groups and skill levels to increase mental alertness. It is the #1 training app that is highly personalized for users and works wonders in improving memory and increasing focus.

This is done by offering users scientifically valid tasks but in the form of fun and addictive games, which are most importantly accompanied with beneficial feedback that helps you gather insights about your level of cognition.

5. In need of a mental escape?


Calm is an online website that comes with a mission of “making the world healthier and happier”. It is the #1 app in improving your sleeping habits, meditation, and relaxation. This app provides you with relaxing music that helps in focusing and sleeping.

online coursesIt also provides users with lessons on meditation, mindful movements, and gentle stretching. This app also makes your working and studying time more relaxing and productive by providing you diverse nature scenes and sounds.

6. Ready to discover the chef within?

The Culinary Book:

The Culinary Book is a free website that is continuously updated with over 40+ packed and professional recipes provided by experienced cooks and master chefs, offering interesting tips, tricks, and mouthwatering recipes.

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