Types of Boyfriends You're Bound to Meet

Prepare yourself for what’s coming because things are about to get real! After doing extensive research and studies on the matter we’ve found out that there are 8 types of boyfriends out there you’re bound to meet.

By Mariam Elhamy

Whether you’ll find all these traits in one person or multiple people, read on to find out what your future holds.

The Jealous Type

He’s insecure, constantly overthinking and evaluating every situation, he checks your phone to see who you’re texting, he gets overly jealous when you talk to someone else and he would pick a fight instantly.

He’s possessive and controlling of who you meet, how you dress or act and when and where you go. Whether you’ve already met this type or yet to meet him don’t try to make it work because he’ll make your life a living hell.

The Good Guy

At first, he might seem like the perfect boyfriend, always giving you extra attention and bringing you nice things, but this type can sometimes be a bit of a pushover. He might not have a strong personality, he can’t stand up for himself or what he wants and he’s probably too clingy.

This type won’t hurt you but you’ll probably hurt him. You’ll quickly lose respect and interest because of his weak character.

The Sweet Talker

Your relationship probably started off smoothly, you were fascinated by him and he swept you off your feet. Only to start realizing he’s flirting with your friend, your sister or even the waitress! He loves getting attention from many women.

He has no respect for your feelings because he only cares about his. He’s egoistic and sometimes rude but he can smooth things over by talking his way out of it. This type is manipulative and will play with your emotions with every chance he gets so don’t get involved from the beginning.

The Lazy One

He might be loyal and kind but he loves being comfy and relaxed to the point that he never does anything at all. He’s always unmotivated so he doesn’t want to work hard or be the best at anything and he ends up being a leech and a liar, leeching off of his friends, family and eventually anyone he gets in a relationship with.

The Distant One

He’s not cold, he’s logical and he just doesn’t know how or when to express his emotions. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you he just doesn’t show it. He won’t always understand when you’re feeling overwhelmed or sad because he’s probably not emotionally intelligent.

This type is hard to deal with because he often seems distant. Don’t expect any romantic gestures from him because he just doesn’t see the point of buying flowers when they’re gonna die anyway.

The Hesitant

He’s charming and you’re already great friends but whenever relationship stuff comes up he either avoids the topic or jokes about how he’s not ready for commitment and settling down. He’ll be there for you giving you everything you need but he’ll never get into something real.

The Overly Ambitious

He cares about his career more than you. Work always comes first for him and he’s always busy. The relationship will be slow because you never seem to meet since he blows you off for a meeting he has and it’s so hard to keep up because his mind is always on more important things and you’re not enough for him.

The Cheapo

Three guys you should never get with: the liar, the cheater and the cheap. Don’t expect a cheap guy to change because it just won’t happen. He’ll never splurge on you and he’ll never let you enjoy the fine things in life or what you deserve.

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