By Lamia Samir from Lotus

When I received an invitation from Cairo West Magazine to write this article, the first thing that popped to my mind was “When can I squeeze it into my hectic schedule” – and I actually wrote them back instantly asking about the deadline, but shortly, I remembered that: I had all the time I needed! Here’s a quick view on how to stay positive throughout this outbreak and turn it into your own favor.

Change your mindset

Since our mind is so familiar with negative patterns, I believe this is our golden chance to feed it with new positive patterns like healthy habits, positive talk and new ideas on how to enjoy what we already have now and how to stay positive.

We are not stuck; we are free to go wild

Instead of dwelling over the things that we are no more able to do, why not do those we always kept till “when I have the time”? Honestly, when was the last time you …..?

  • Had the time to enjoy a book without being too tired to complete three pages before falling asleep?
  • Cooked those recipes you’ve been collecting for years, or followed that diet you always wished to try, but never had the time?
  • Watched that series that your friends were always talking about, but for you TV time was an unaffordable luxury?
  • Soaked in a long bubble bath with essential oils, candles with music playing in the background, instead of your daily quick shower?
  • Generation X and Baby Boomers, when was the last time you put your favorite loud music on and danced?

And how about our personal growth? How about you try yoga and meditation, which are not only amazing tools for reducing stress and anxiety, and for having a strong flexible body, but they also boost your immune system and stimulate happiness hormones while helping you get in touch with your innermost self. All of this are simple ways to stay positive and get the most out of this.

A thought, a word, an image

So, what new exciting input are you ready to introduce to your mind today? How rich would you like your life to become? I invite you to take a deep relaxing breath, put your hands in the middle of your chest, and repeat “I am grateful for whatever I’m going through, I am capable of changing my reality, I am not alone, life is good and I intend to make it better now”.

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