Curb your Thirst During Fasting

Curbing your hunger while fasting might be hard sometimes, but curbing your thirst is another level of difficulty. That is why we spoke to nutritionist Nour El Ganzoury to get tips on how to feel less thirsty during fasting hours this Ramadan.

By: Aliaa ElSherbini

Nour, known as EAT-ducate on Instagram, broke it down to us in 7 simple tips to help make us less thirsty during the day.

1. Stay hydrated by drinking loads of water starting from iftar until suhoor.

2. For those of you who do not like water, you can make flavored water or consume herbal teas.

  • Water with lime, ginger, and mint.
  • Water with strawberry & mint.Curb your Thirst During Fasting

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3. Consume loads of veggies and fruits that have high water content, such as cucumber, celery, apples, zucchini, oranges, and a crowd’s favorite, watermelon.

4. Cut down on caffeine as it is a diuretic, meaning it causes our body to flush out extra sodium and water. We know you must be craving your morning coffee, so Nour suggests limiting your coffee intake rather than cutting it.

5. Reduce salty and spicy food, such as pickled vegetables, as it leaves you feeling thirsty.

6. Reduce your sugar intake as too much sugar causes dehydration. Go easy on the deserts this year.Curb your Thirst During Fasting

7. Don’t sit under direct heat during the day.

The idea is to sufficiently hydrate your body before it is time to fast again, and drinking water by the buckets is not the way to do it. Follow these steps for a more replenished you in Ramadan 2021, and take them with you to all future Ramadan months.

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