We have had the pleasure of chatting with 35 of the finest minds on Cairo’s fitness circuit. Here are just a few of the pointers that stayed with us over the years, in order of appearance on the pages of Cairo West Magazine.

Yogi Ali

Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher

“Mediation is a process of coming to know oneself. Unfortunately, most of us are slaves to our circumstances, conditioning and our fears.  Sitting with oneself is quite difficult at first; but gradually you begin to appreciate, accept and even love yourself.” – Interviewed in April 2015

Sherif Bendary

Head coach and founder of TWC

“When performed properly, squats can be so intense that they result in a release of testosterone and human growth hormone in your body. These two hormones are vital for muscle growth and also help improve muscle mass when you train other areas of your body aside from your legs. Squats can help you improve both your upper and lower body strength, but you have to do them correctly.” – Interviewed in August 2017

Hassan Gabr

The Gorilla, Fitness Content Creator & Brand Ambassador of Reebok MENA

“The key is to overcome and stay on track. In order to maintain balance, you need to set your priorities straight and understand that your health is just as important as other integral parts of your life. Set a time every day for a workout and stick to it – there will be no excuse to skip it if you set it in stone. Stay persistent – no one can help you except yourself.” – Interviewed in November 2017

Ayman Hakky

Founder of The TriFactory

“Training under extreme circumstances and in unfamiliar conditions is proven to strengthen your body and boost performance. Step out of your comfort zone and diversify your training methods and locations, such as training on sand.” – Interviewed in August 2017

Ali Ismail

Founder and Head Coach at Move Egypt

“The biggest mistake people make is to stick to one kind of training. They become fixated and believe that it is the best way to train their bodies, but it’s not. We need to expose our body to infinite types of training and develop physical skills through a variety of exercises in order to achieve our optimum physical and fitness goals. Innovate, be creative with your training, and be eager to learn new things.” – Interviewed in August 2017

Sara Taha

Founder of My Fitness Egypt

 “Instead of thinking of exercise as a daily obligation, consider it as a way of connecting to your body. Your body listens, it responds, and it believes you. Choose any form of movement that you enjoy. Do it with love and keep moving!” – Interviewed in August 2017

Hatem Abdelakher

Co-founder and Head Coach of Ippon Judo Academy & TWC

“Tire training is intense core training, one of the best total body strength and conditioning workouts a person can do. You use all your body’s muscles when you flip the tire, and by varying the distance and number of times you flip the tire, you can get a great workout, which keeps your fitness and stamina up.” – Interviewed in December 2017

Omar Attiyah

Head Technical Coach at Core Egypt

“If you set temporary goals like getting washboard abs or rock-hard biceps, the fire dies out once you achieve that. Health benefits are for life. Training as a lifestyle pays off forever – your immune system is stronger, sex drive is boosted, stamina is higher, and your energy levels will last into your 60s.” – Interviewed in November 2018

Rowana Badry

Certified Fitness Instructor & Specialist in Fitness Nutrition

“Chill, breathe, and enjoy the ride. Your workout routine will fall into place soon so do the best you can, whenever you can and don’t stress yourself.” – Interviewed in December 2018

Ahmed Sameh

Certified Coach at Palm Hills Fitness Club

“Burpees are the most hated but most useful full-body work out move! To pull it off, squat down and place your hands on the floor just outside of your feet. Jump both feet back to the plank position. Drop to a push-up then return to plank position. Jump the feet back in toward the hands then explosively jump into the air, reaching your arms straight overhead.” – Interviewed in May 2019

Ahmed Sameh
Personal Trainer
Palm Hills Fitness Club
Tel: 0109 967 5773

Ali Ismail
Move Egypt
Instagram/Facebook: @aliismail__
Instagram/Facebook: @ move.egypt

Ayman Hakky
Trifactory & Train for Aim
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Instagram/Facebook: @thetrifactory
Instagram/Facebook: @trainforaim

Hatem Abdelakher
TWC & Ippon Judo Academy
Instagram: @hatemabdelakher__
Instagram/Facebook: @ ipponjudoacademy

Hassan Gabr – “THE GORILLA”
Instagram/Facebook:: @hgabr

Omar Attiyah
Head Technical Coach Core Egypt
Instagram/Facebook: @omarattiyah
Instagram/Facebook: @core. Egypt

Rowana Badry
Certified Fitness Instructor
Instagram/Facebook: @ rowanabadry__

Sara Taha
My Fitness Egypt
Facebook: @My Fitness Egypt

Sherif Bendary –TWC
Instagram/Facebook: @sherif_bendary

Yogi Ali – Certified Yoga Instructor
Facebook: Yogi Ali