By: Mariam Elhamy

We love to support a good cause, and helping 19-year-old Shehab Eldin Megahed reach the highest peaks on the globe fits the ticket! We sat down with the ambitious, athletic teenager to find out why he decided to make a career out of hiking and climbing and why he needs your help making his dreams come true.

What started your love of hiking?
When I was nine years-old my dad sent me hiking through Mount Moussa and I completely loved it! I started hiking in different places like Wadi Degla Protectorate or small canyons in Dahab. When I was 12, I climbed the highest mountain in Egypt and ever since, I decided that this would be my career. Now I go hiking twice a month!

When is your next big climb?
I’m traveling to Argentina in November to climb Mount Aconcagua, the highest mountain in South America. This will be a month-long expedition, and I will be the youngest Arab ever to climb it.

I’m currently trying to raise money to fund the expedition, a lot of help is needed! Any donations and sponsorships would cover travel costs, my hiking guides, the permits needed to climb, the equipment needed to climb and any additional costs.

You are aiming to climb Mount Everest without oxygen in May 2020. What is your motivation for that epic journey?
I want to motivate teenagers! Today teenagers just want to watch Netflix and chill, but whenever I talk to my dad or granddad they always tell me about all the sports and activities they did when they were younger. I get super jealous hearing how active they were, how traveling all the way to Ismailia on bike was a normal thing for them to do with their friends!

That’s why I want to send a strong message to Egyptian teenagers by climbing Mount Everest without oxygen, which is very hard, to show them that nothing is impossible. I started the hashtag #Everest_No_Filter because I don’t want any filters between me and nature, which is the oxygen mask.

I’ve been training for two years, two or three times a day, with a professional trainer. I eat a very specific diet. I’ve been talking to trainers and professional climbers who have climbed Mount Everest without oxygen, in order to gain as much experience and information about the expedition.

I want to motivate youth to do more with their lives, to go out, do sports, work on many projects, seek discomfort, and do whatever scares them. That’s my goal!

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0106 917 9588
Facebook: @shehab.ahmed.9003
Instagram: @shehab_megahed