Cairo-based musician DJ Shaun Lawes – aka Shunus, has taken the local music scene by storm with his sublime live electronic acts.

It was his father who ignited his love of music early on by introducing him to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Van Halen, among other rock bands. He knew immediately that he wanted to perform music on stage, so he started learning the guitar as a teenager, and was part of several rock, punk and metal bands. Lawes then got into music production to create songs for his band. Immersing himself more and more into the technical side of music, he started branching into various projects in genres like Chiptune, EDM and Synthwave. When he moved to Egypt five years ago, he gained more exposure to the house and techno side of electronic music, and has been developing his sound here ever since.

Over the last year, Lawes has been looking to develop his live performance further, and has wanted to incorporate his vocals and guitar into the music more. The goal of this album was to include these elements into every song thus expanding his live set. All the songs in this album feature themes of tranquility and acceptance, contentment and a desire to evolve. The different moods and pacing of the tracks showcase this inner battle we sometimes have within ourselves. Lawes is inspired by everything from the Brazilian body percussion band, ‘Barbatuques’, to producers like Crussen, Roderic, Gab Rhome, and DSF.

“My recent event at The Tap West was incredible,” says Lawes of his most recent performance at The Tap, “the venue was completely packed, and the crowd was so amazing. I felt such a strong connection with the crowd, I could feel everyone responding to the music as if we were playing together.” Lawes finds that the connection with the crowd is very important, it’s what he feels fuels a great night.

Guilty pleasure song?
Kpop and by Girl’s Generation.

One song you can’t stand?
070 – Honey

Dream festival?
In Egypt, I’d love to take part in Sandbox. Internationally, Fusion, or Burning Man..

One genre you would abolish?
Get rid of all those Soundcloud rappers with silly face tattoos.


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