Since his debut role in Bel Alwan El Tabi’eya, Lehner has proven his capabilities as an astounding actor, but we wanted to delve more into this dj’s musical side and origins…

How did it all start for you as a DJ?

I was hanging out with a lot of metalheads when I lived in the States, but when I moved back to Egypt my crowd was mostly into clubbing. I was blown away by it all and decided I want to be the guy standing behind the decks. So I started producing my own music because I didn’t have an arsenal of tracks. I didn’t own decks.

Back then it was vinyl. I produced and hit play one after the other – I couldn’t mix to save my own life at first – accompanied by Mariam Ali on vocals. Eventually, little by little, I started mixing tracks that weren’t ours.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

I love all the new sounds. African House is something I’m exploring deeply. I am really into FNX Omar. In all honesty though, my biggest inspirations are Judge Jules and Steve Lawler.

Which performance has been the most memorable for you?

As a DJ/ producer, I landed a gig in Frankfurt. It wasn’t necessarily the wildest, but it was a big deal because I was producing and having the opportunity to play my original tracks in Germany. I’ve had many memorable gigs, but one of my favorites have been at Funk ’n Pop alongside Sherif Nakhla. That was a good crowd!

How do you balance between your acting career and music?

I’m not sure I’ve done a good job of balancing between them! When acting took off, music took a back seat for a few years and I lost touch a bit. It’s only recently that I’ve decided that I wanted to put my foot back in the water and see how it feels. It’s been fun!

What makes a good/booming night for a DJ?

I think it’s a two-way road. You can have a great crowd but you’re just not communicating your ideas properly. Some nights, even with tons of tracks, I’m at a loss for what to play. For me, it’s both the crowd having fun and this ability to look ahead and know what will work a few tracks from the point you’re at.


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