Sit back on the beach and enjoy the exclusivity of The Smokery Beach’s private serviced area by the open sea of Stella compound, ready to serve you snacks on the beach and claim it its title as one of the best restaurants in Sa7el. Enjoy sandwiches, potato wedges and shrimp tempura, all the way to proper lunch and dinner. This year, you can expect to find some of The Smokery’s classic dishes offered with a bit of twist – meant to give them a sharing format – along with newly added items, mainly appetizers.

Type of cuisine: International – specializing in smoked salmon.

Signature dishes: Anything with smoked salmon, Sashimi Cucumber.

Dishes Sampled

We started with a selection of the classic appetizers: Crispy Salmon Salad, super crispy, lightly breaded salmon, slightly spicy, was served with soy sauce on the side, a delightful option to start your meal with.  Followed by Salmon Scallop Carpaccio, another light starter, served ultra-fresh. This duo was drizzled with a good amount of lemon and olive oil and garnished with a delicate, aromatic vinaigrette.  Our Sashimi Boat was filled with tiny bites of salmon, shrimp and crab sashimi garnished with cubes of avocado and red caviar. This was just a small sample of their finest Japanese selection. Then came the Sea Shell Risotto, a set of three seashells stuffed with different types of risotto: scallop, pesto, zucchini, shrimp saffron and salmon cherry tomatoes. The portions were just right and the presentation was rather elegant. It was a good option to share, as risotto can be quite a filling, heavy dish. Finally, the Sea Bass Quinoa was one of the highlights of our evening. Crispy skin, moist and flaky flesh, on a bed of quinoa salad and ruccola; all doused with balsamic dressing. This dish was a real summer dinner treat.

Décor & Ambience

The Smokery Beach is a spacious, mainly open-air venue, with ample seating arrangements between regular and high tables distributed throughout the main lounge. White canopies give shade to the side tables. Huge plant vases decorate the interior, adding touches of greenery to the sandy, beach atmosphere. A main bar is located at the end of the hall, with the beach as its background. White canopies give shade to the side tables. You can find comfortable cabanas, chaise-longues and beanbags along the private beach.

Other menu options that appealed: Salmon Balsamic

Beverages: A full bar plus soft options.

Clientele mix: A lively crowd, mixed age groups.

Price range: High end.

Tel: 0103 226 6766

Facebook / Instagram: Thesmokerybeach