The Sage Experience is an immersive, visceral dining adventure, one that takes you on an elegant, quality gastronomic ride for gourmet steak cuts and complementing sides. It is a mobile restaurant concept born out of a fiery passion for all things steak, and a market demand to be pampered and served after months of quarantining; conceived, managed and operated by partners Amr Barghash and Ahmed Meligy.

The Sage Experience unfolds in an outdoor space in someone’s private home. An entire set-up is efficiently laid out shortly before eating time, it entails a mobile kitchen, dining set up (table and chairs), dinnerware, cutlery, drinking glasses, and even mood-lighting. Each element is meticulously chosen, each one an integral part of the final ambiance.

In this hassle-free dining experience, the hosts themselves are guests, and the inside of their house is entirely undisturbed. On this particular early fall evening, the stars were aligned, the breeze subtle and the bellies primed.

Self-sufficient in every way, The Sage Experience provides a set menu, served by a stealth-like staff who are light on their feet, all ex-employees of high-end F&B outlets, so you’re in safe hands.

Signature Dishes & Dishes sampled

The entire set menu has garnered quite a reputation. Let’s just jump to it and say that the steak offerings on that one blissful evening were the best meat sampled by any of the 14 dining guests who accompanied us on this truly exhilarating palate party.

Our evening began with Beef Tartar and Beef Tataki crostinis, Sage Fries, and Buffalo Mozzarella Salad. Needless to say, the tender beef starters melted in our mouths and set the bar really high for the rest of the evening, a bar that continued to rise as we sampled dish after dish of culinary perfection.

As the evening went on, the air charged with a nice chillout beat and the lively chatter of dinner guests, our taste buds were treated to sliced Beef Tataki that dissolved on our tongues, cooked medium rare right before our eyes on a flaming grill, as well as a young Angus Rib Eye cooked rare and served with Chimichurri sauce, and a powerful sliced Tomahawk served with the richly flavorful bone on the side.

The Sage Experience will challenge you to step out of your steak comfort zone and try new cuts and new levels of doneness you may not have the courage to order at a restaurant.

Each impeccable cut had a perfectly charred crust and was a melt-in-your-mouth delight, we relished the natural, earthy meat flavors released by flame grilling.

Sauces subtly complemented rather than overwhelmed. Slices of supple tenderloin roast cooked medium also graced our table, served with a delicate truffle sauce that once again did not overpower the inherent flavor of the meat.

A Truffle Pasta made its way on to our plates somewhere between all the meat perfection, cooked flawlessly al dente, with that unmistakable deeply earthy, nutty, truffle aroma. A simple dish with an intense flavor profile.

The Meat Used

Co-partner, Amr Barghash has long been a meat aficionado, skilled at sourcing special meat cuts and perfectly cooking each one in the manner that enhances it the most. As such, we were treated to the highest quality cuts found anywhere in Egypt: tenderloins, Argentinian Angus ribeye, South African young Angus ribeye, and Tomahawk.

Beverages Available

Hosts and guests are welcome to bring their own beverages or spirits and the waiting staff will serve.

Décor & Ambiance

The Sage Experience dining set-up will put you in a Cote D’Azure frame-of-mind. Think of it as boho-glam: a wood table big enough to seat 15 people, white-canvas director chairs, charming string of light bulbs, and mix-and-match dinnerware arranged in a pattern.

Social Distancing and Hygiene Standards: The waiting staff and chefs are all wearing masks and gloves.

Price Range: High-end but well worth it for the amount of meat you’re being served, the impeccable cooking skills, and the prime quality cuts.

Worthy of Note: A minimum head-count of 15 people is required to book, as well as a garden or a yard. Staff do not require to enter the host’s house to use the kitchen or any of the host’s serving or dinning-ware

Contact information:

Tel: +2 0115 695 6555

Instagram: @thesagexperience

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