When Thursday evening rolls around, we just feel like kicking back, grabbing a bite and a cool drink, and letting the weekend vibe take over. With that in mind, we headed down to The Muse in Guezira Plaza, one of the new restaurants in Sheikh Zayed.

Signature Dishes & Dishes Sampled

International, with a wide range of nibbles and starters, along with pasta and risotto dishes, sandwiches, salads and signature steak and chicken options. Signature dishes include Grilled Sliced Beef, Escargots de Bourgogne, Risotto

Settling into the mood, we started off by ordering something to sip on. Mojito and Passion-fruit Mojito duly delivered, we browsed through the menu and opted for Stuffed Salmon Tapas and Baked Camembert to start. The salmon tapas were a treat, both for the eyes and the palate. The dainty rolls of salmon came stuffed with a creamy, herb accented filling, with a garnish of prunes, strawberry and harankash. Innovative and delightful! The camembert was oven-baked, hot, oozing and irresistible. We had asked for the option of fresh mango chutney as a condiment, and the elements paired up perfectly.

When it came to a main course, we couldn’t resist going for risotto. When prepared correctly, it is a dish to treasure. With several to choose from, we went for the Green Herb and Sundried Tomato version, and a classic favorite, Mushroom Risotto. Both hit the spot, but we did think that the mushroom option came out a winner.

The dessert on offer that day was a creamy vanilla ice-cream drizzled with butterscotch sauce, resting on an almond and biscuit crumb and set off by a delicate tuile. Sound good? It was… Well-fed and relaxed, we spent a while chatting and enjoying the ambience before heading home.

Other Menu Options that Appealed & Beverages Available

We would love to try the Beetroot and Parmesan Risotto, the escargots, the Coconut Fried Shrimp and some of those tempting sandwiches.

Beverages options include a full bar with cocktails, beer and wine. The cocktail list is well worth checking out.

The Muse at Guezira PlazaDécor & Ambience

Seating is arranged with a mix of bar stools, and high and low seating. The Muse is arranged as a cozy inside space, with a second glass-walled space that overlooks the plaza outside. The décor has soft muted colors, grey and dusky pink, set off by autumn tones and natural wood in the seating. Electric blue lighting highlights the bar areas, and huge globe lights suspended from the ceiling provide ambient lighting that can be adjusted to suit the mood. The music is clubby, with a strong beat, but early in the evening did not seem too overwhelming. Things amp up with live music and a DJ later, so check the Facebook page to see what Signature Nights are on the agenda.

Clientele mix: We went early, before the weekend crowd had ventured out, but could already see that it would be a venue of choice for young professionals in their early 20s to 30s.

Price range: Moderate, with plenty of options in different price ranges.

Worth noting: Ladies get a 30% discount on drinks on Mondays!

Contact information
Opening hours:
6 pm to 2:30 am on weekends
6 pm to 1:20 am on weekdays
Address: Guezira Plaza, Sheikh Zayed.
Tel: 0120 022 7794
Facebook/Instagram:  @themuseBarandRestaurant