Marwan Younis

By Mai Omar

He’s a radio host, a maker of viral videos, a “singer” (of catchy joke songs), an actor, and he’s also gave us a taste of TV presenting skills during the Gouna Film Festival in 2018.

We caught up with Marwan Younis to find out what it’s like to be so damn good at everything … and found out he can’t live without gebna emmental. The things you know!

You’re a jack of all trades, as they say! Radio, social media, now films … Which of the many entertainment mediums did you most enjoy the most and find yourself in?

I enjoyed myself most in the radio presenting, and acting comes in a close second. Although, acting has trumped radio hosting to be honest … I honestly really enjoyed it.

Marwan younisWhat’s one misconception you had about acting?

My impression about the entertainment industry was that it’s a hard place, and that turned out to be entirely wrong. Or maybe I’m just lucky! I know many of them on a personal level, but I’ve only worked with Karim AbdelAziz and he’s one of the best. He was so cooperative and shared many acting tips, he would give me advice on how to deliver lines and they’d end up being way funnier!

Marwan YounisYou have a wide online presence and fanbase, who do you follow?

My twin brother’s posts are set on ‘see first’. I think Amr is much more humorous than I am. I also follow Hisham Afifi; he’s very smart, and also Amr Wahba and Mai Ibrahim; she is incredibly funny and the two of them make a funny duo together! Those are the main “vloggers” I follow, in addition to celebrities.

What is one misconception people have about your career as a content creator?

That it’s easy! It isn’t. It can be easy and effortless in the beginning, but maintaining consistency is hard. You have to change your skin while also preserving your core or niche, and that’s very difficult.

If you had to pick just one entertainment branch to continue and stop the rest, which one would it be and why?

Oh my god! That’s a hard question! I’d say acting because it was enjoyable and thrilling. Watching one’s self on the movie screen and watching people’s reactions was an outstanding feeling.


What are you watching now?

Tom & Jerry.

Something that moved you recently?


Something you’re bored of now

My videos.

One subject you’d love to teach


Name one spontaneous adventure you had

I learned kitesurfing without ever having intended to learn!

Super power you wish you had


Must have item in your fridge

Emmental Cheese. I love that holey cheese.

What bizarre talent do you have?

Low-key beatboxing.

One thing you CANNOT do?

[Jokingly] I can do everything!

Phrase you use often when talking … OTHER THAN BEGAD!

Laziz el kalam dah!

A message to 17 year old you

I miss you! I miss the days when daddy used to provide for you and your brother, and you lived like a king!

Something you won’t be doing in 10 years?

Partying. I’d have had enough by then!

Most prized possession?

My kids.

One actor you wish to work with?

Can it be an actress? Scarlet Johansson. Or Jessica Alba. Or Elizabeth Hurley. Or Jessica Biel. The list is long!

Movie you wish you acted in?

Joker. I wish to portray the Joker in the Egyptian version of the movie.

Weirdest habit?

Any repetitive motion must become a song in my head.

What do we not know about you?

People know lots of things. The may not know that I was a national swimming champion.

Childhood addiction?

Computer games.

Who did you text last?

My girlfriend.

Last country you visited?


One thing missing in your life now?

Money. So much money. Excessive wealth!

Name one thing you had to give up to become where you are today.

My privacy.