Telehealth is not just the future of medical care; it is at the core of how we and our kids will utilize the power of the internet to make ensure a healthier life.

Covid-19 is a virus that has changed and is changing how we live our lives, from how we interact, travel, and eat, and now how we get our medical-care needs met.

It is a given that the world was moving ever so closer to a wireless future, but Covid-19 rapidly expedited this process, replacing classes with virtual classes, meeting rooms with online conference rooms, and the list goes on.

That is why at Tabibi, one of our most versatile and crucial services come to play, Telehealth.

Covid-19 or not, life had to keep going, and people needed to get their medical needs addressed. We made sure that with a click of a few buttons our patients could easily find the right doctor for their needs and directly get in touch with them. This ease of access ensures our patients’ needs are addressed without being there physically, solving a lot of issues that people might have faced before like being unable to get hold of a doctor during lockdowns or any other emergencies, or needing to make quick medical inquiries without a clinic visit, and most importantly having the availability of a quality doctor 24/7.

To make things even easier, our patients can reach a doctor either through or through our hotline 16724. Our patients can also create an account on our website with their email and create a password, which is extremely encouraged by us as we move closer to creating a centralized medical recording solution for our customers soon, another huge leap, for another day.

Tabibi wants you to always be confident and assured that no matter where you are or how big or small your medical needs are, we will always have your back.


This article was brought to you by Tabibi 24/7, Cairo’s leading Family Medicine & Pediatrics group practice. Tabibi operates 24/7 and offers its services at the comfort of your own home or in one of its clinics.