The Bagel Tree

A daily ritual for fans worldwide, the bagel is something we welcome with open arms to the sunny shores of El Gouna. Plain, with sesame, or wholegrain; the simple bagel becomes a whole new story when you get creative with some amazing fillings.

Type of cuisine: Bagels, both sweet and savory, donuts and more.

What you Will Find

We would go with empty bellies and graze our way through as much as possible. First up would be the Parisian Bagel, with melted Brie cheese, green apple, crunchy walnuts, arugula and a drizzle of honey.

Or when we really need something substantial to kick-start our day, the McTexas Bagel with a beef patty, fried egg, melted American cheddar cheese and breakfast sauce would hit the spot.

Other tempting options include the Miami Bagel, boasting scrambled egg on a bed of cream cheese with beef bacon or turkey, the Mykonos Bagel with smoked salmon, herbed cream cheese, scrambled egg and arugula, the Vienna Bagel stuffed with pan-fried chicken, melted cheese, tomato and greens and a homemade aioli, or the New York Bagel with a juicy Brooklyn-style burger with Gouda cheese, garlic aioli, tomato and greens.

That is just the beginning; more taste adventures come with versions named Helsinki, St. Tropez, London, Milano, Brussels and Porto Cervo. In fact, the list is almost endless, with sweet options in there as well, so the best course of action would be to get down there and start munching.

For anyone who still has space, the donuts sound pretty inviting. Fancy sinking your teeth into a choice of pink glazed, jam-filled, lemon, coffee or vanilla cream-filled? There wouldn’t be much to hold us back.

Beverages: Hot and cold beverages, with kids’ slurpies as well.

Contact information

Opening hours: 9 am till 6 pm

Tel: 0100 204 3446

Facebook: The Bagel Tree – El Gouna

Instagram: thebageltreegouna

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