A fusion of Mexican and Japanese in one dining location, Takosan is our new favorite spot in Palm Hills and here’s why; sushi burritos, fried shrimp tacos, poké bowls and much more.

The name Takosan means Mister Taco where happiness is served in a dish or two, or three!

By Mariam Elhamy

Signature Dishes & Dishes Sampled

Signature dishes include Party Burrito and You’re Hard to Please poké bowl. We have to say, this is not your average taco spot, the recipes came straight from the home kitchens of the owners, and are now shared with all of us to relish and enjoy!

We started with the You’re Hard to Please poké made with a steamed rice base, pink salmon cubes, marinated tuna, wakame salad, fresh carrot shavings and panko sprinkled with some quinoa. The crunchy, crisp, fresh and salty combo was great.

Next, we moved on to yummy soft-shell Duck Tacos. The meat was cooked well, deep-fried and seasoned, topped with creamy hoisin sauce, a great match, chives and white cabbage. Later, we had the Shrimp Tacos with avocado and cilantro cream and lime cream, the balance of flavors here must be a science, finished off with pickled red onions.

To end our taco party we bit into the crunchy Chicken Taco and every mouthful was sensational. The special house sauce and salsa took this Chicken Taco to another place.

We ended our tasting journey with the Party Burrito and the Sake Burrito, both looking wildly colorful and very appetizing, promising a lot of crunch, flavor and fresh ingredients.

The Party Burrito had shrimp, crab, cabbage, greens and rice all tucked tightly in a seaweed wrap. Similarly, the Sake Burrito packed salmon, avocado, sweet corn, cucumber, spring onion and rice. Zesty with a tad of spiciness to it, the sushi burritos exceeded our expectations.

With a happy full belly, we munched on the crunchy Takosan Dynamite Shrimp and drank a cold Adio Mojito soda drink.

Other Menu Items that Appealed

Next time we visit, we will be building our own poké bowl and playing a little with the ingredients.


Takosan is a food truck in Palm Hills’ street 88, so it’s a nice spot for a quick bite on the picnic benches or for takeaway.

Clientele mix: We saw more of the younger crowd and mommies taking their kids to training at the clubhouse.

Good to know: You can get a healthier option by building your own poké with a base of quinoa or veggies if you’re on a carb-free diet.

Price Range: Very reasonable considering the quality of the food.

Contact information:

Opening hours:  12 pm – 11 pm

Address: St. 88, Palm Hills, 6 October

Delivery zone: Palm Hills, New Giza and Sheikh Zayed area

Tel: 0100 010 4646

Instagram: @Takosaneg

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