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What’s New Around Town

What’s New Around Town | April 2020

180° Celsius Homemade Away from Home is what 180 Celsius is all about. The reason behind the name is simple: most goodies are baked in...
What's New

What’s New Around Town | March 2020

Spruce Music Academy Spruce Music Academy was founded in 2019 to revolutionise the way music is taught in Egypt. Its custom-designed curriculum and teaching style...

What’s New Around Town – February 2020

Poke Poke is a native Hawaiian dish meaning to slice into chunks and it was mainly based on raw marinated fish. They took this dish...


Yummy Soups and Salads Recipes

Cook yourself some yummy nutritious soups and salads to fill you up for lunch and give you all the vitamins and minerals you need...
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Oh Betty in New Cairo