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Salmon Fried Egg on Loaf

Cafe Supreme’s Salmon Fried Egg on Loaf

Energize yourself for the day with this healthy Salmon Fried Egg on Loaf, preparation time is only 10 minutes! For the Salmon Fried Egg on...
best coffee shops in Cairo

Café Supreme at Almaza City Center

With 18 branches in Cairo and 3 more in the pipeline due to open soon, we visited Café Supreme’s latest branch at Almaza City...

Granita in Zamalek

There is no place quite like Zamalek, it has its own distinct vibe and story to tell. A visit to Granita for breakfast in...
Miette in Zamalek

Miette in Zamalek

Tucked discreetly behind Cairo Marriott Hotel,Miette; this bijou spot offers delightful bites and beverages for any time of day. The French bistro and bakery...


Summer Hair Protection: Tips and Tricks

We love the sea and sun, but let’s face it – our hair doesn’t. Try out our hot picks of products to protect and...