We love from the bottom of our hearts, and our hearts are the engine of our bodies. Check out Tabibi’s top tips to help keep your heart happy, healthy and full of love!

  • Take time to know your family medical history. It will help doctor in anticipating your potential risk for some illnesses.
  • Say no to smoking. Save your heart, and all of your body organs!
  • Skip the salt. Salt is coronary heart disease best friend.
  • Know your ABC! Did you know that raised blood pressure, raised cholesterol and smoking account for over 80% of cardiovascular diseases? Maintain regular wellness visits with your doctor for routine check-ups to track your blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels.
  • Know the signs. Knowing the early signs of stroke and heart attack is critical. Those life-threatening emergencies require early medical intervention. The more you know about the alarm signals the earlier you will act.
  • Laugh more. Laughter is a stress reducer and a boost for your defense system against cardiac problems. A daily dose of laughter is associated with lower prevalence of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Keep on the move. The more active or fit you are, the less coronary heart disease (CHD) you tend to develop. Don’t forget to count the other benefits: Reduction in body weight, increase in exercise tolerance, lower blood pressure, higher insulin sensitivity, a reduction in bad cholesterol, and an increase in good cholesterol.
  • Aim for 7 to 8 hours sleep a night.  Sleep duration above or below the median of 7 to less than 8 hours per night is associated with an increased prevalence of hypertension, particularly at the extreme of less than 6 hours per night. So make sure you get enough adequate rest for your body and mind.
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