Located on the second floor of the Nile Towers Mall is a new concept in the Cairo casual dining scene, Surf & Turf. Based on a cuisine of seafood and beef, Surf & Turf offers an innovative alternative to the conventional local seafood repertoire. Co-owner and CEO Ahmed Attia’s passion for food took him to Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ukraine to study seafood culture and cuisine there.

Signature Dishes & Dishes Sampled

Signature dishes include the Seafood Bisque, Surf & Turf Paella, Crab Gratin, Pink Salmon Pasta, and Sushi.

Diving right into a bowl of Seafood Bisque, our Surf & Turf voyage set sail. The bisque could easily be the best of its kind ever tasted in Egypt! A complex flavor profile gave way to the perfectly cooked varied seafood, and the rich, highly aromatic broth. Worthy of a seven-star restaurant, the bisque was the clear winner of the night! Or so we thought. Until plate after plate of blue-ribbon creations landed on our table.

Next came the panko-crusted Fried Calamari and Fried Shrimp, a winning golden crispy duo with perfectly cooked hearty-sized seafood inside, dipped in the accompanying tartare sauce or sweet-chili sauce, every bite was the ideal ratio of crunchy and tender.

It was then that the Crab Gratin scuttled onto our table. Tender crabmeat chunks nestled in a half-shell, lathered in a creamy, cheesy bechamel sauce, delighting us with melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Superb! After that warm and robust bite, we cooled our palate with a chilled Calamari Salad made of a generous portion of sautéed perfectly cooked calamari pieces – no rubbery pull here – arugula, and slithers of tomato in a light vinaigrette dressing.

Back to crustaceans, a grilled open lobster tail docked at our table, flanked by two grilled shrimp. This was yet another victor in what quickly became a procession of winners making their way onto our plates, then our tummies. The subtle seasoning allowed the authentic flavor of the sumptuous, rich, buttery, lobster meat to shine through and take center stage! Cue the applause!

With absolutely no room left to spare, we defied all logic and dug into a Surf & Turf Paella, saffron-infused rice, seafood, and sliced fillet covered in a saffron sauce and a bisque sauce. At this point we’d lost all abilities to articulate the slew of sensations running through us.

We took breaks between dishes sipping on tall glasses of the most refreshing fresh juice cocktails, ginger-green apple-lemonade and peach-lemonade.

Other Menu Items that Appealed

Our next visit will definitely entail a selection of sushi, Spaghetti Seafood, Calamari Potato Tagen, and Ringa Salad.

Décor & Ambiance

Think playful coastal seafood eatery in Greece. The color scheme is blue and white, a fish tank with live decorative fish is meant to put you in a sea-faring mood. Touches like hanging anchors, fishing nets, a miniature lighthouse and miniature sail boats add to the sea-side vibe. Fresh fish is on display on ice for those opting to make a fish selection for certain dishes.

Delivery: Surf & Turf caters to mall regulars and employees in the Nile Towers. A recent deal with will facilitate delivery to Greater Cairo – Mohandessin, Giza, Zamalek, Manial, and Garden City.

Contact Information

Open 12 am to 12pm.

Address: Nile City Towers, Corniche El Nil.

Tel: 0120 055 4947