Ladies, lifting weights gives you great shape! This is a philosophy that Jolanta Izabella Ebied lives by, and she wants to encourage other women to do the same. We caught up with Jolanta to learn more about the dos and don’ts of training and toning, just in time for summer.


– Lift weights because it gives your overall body good curves, shape, and more symmetry than just cardio and interval training.

– Switch up your training days between interval training, circuit training, and weight lifting.

– Slow down your workout to be able to concentrate on the muscle that you’re working out, use a mirror in the gym to make sure you’re maintaining the correct posture to avoid injury.

– Follow reputable and professional trainers on social media for workout tips and inspiration, but remember that their content is created for engagement.


– Stick to one type of training only. Your body gets used to it!

– Avoid carbs. You need carbs to maintain good stamina. It’s better to eat in moderation than cut carbs completely.

– Don’t overdo it! Heavy workouts for several days every day can do more harm than benefit, make sure to give yourself breaks to recover.

– Don’t lift weights that are too heavy or too light for you. Choose a weight that allows you to maintain good posture for the exercise and feel some resistance.

Pick & Mix Exercises

Pick and mix between these free weight exercises on the days you choose to hit the iron! All exercises can be done to either gain muscle or lose weight and tone. To gain muscle, carry out 3 sets of 8- 12 reps and rest in between each set for 60-90 seconds. To tone and lose weight, carry out 3 to 4 sets of 15-20 reps and rest in between each set for 30-45 seconds.

Upright Row

Dumbbells Shoulder Press 

Barbell Row

Lat Pull Down

Dumbbells Arm Curl

Triceps Overhead Extension


Sumo Squat with Dumbbell

Jolanta Izabella Ebied


Instagram: @jolly_ebied