social distancing

Social distancing has become the new normal for most of us during such difficult time.
We reached out, and you responded! Can you relate to the insights our readers have shared? It seems that every cloud has a silver lining.

The positive aspects:

  • “Quality time with family, more time to learn, and more time to watch shows I’ve missed.”
  • “No more pollution in the streets, realizing that a normal day is a blessing, and discovering new hobbies like cooking and reading.”
  • “I started taking more care of myself, writing my diary and reflecting on my life decisions, and I discovered my cooking talents.”
  • The reality of what really matters and what doesn’t, whether it is a person, a habit or even what I thought was a priority.”
  • “Most people care about each other more now, families have become closer, and friends as well. People became more aware and responsible.”
  • “Future planning without distractions.  Being comfortable with oneself on one’s own. Breaking habits and creating new ones outside of your comfort zone.”

What to hang onto going forward:

  • “Always make time for family.”
  • “Good hygiene.”
  • “Knowing the importance of what we had.”
  • “Being aware of what’s happening around us.”
  • “Savor the small moments.”
  • “Look for the good in others.”

What you have learned:

  • “The value of time.”
  • “Time alone makes you know who you are and what you’re capable of.”
  • “That I am not the introvert I thought I was.”
  • “I learned how to enjoy staying home.”
  • “That I can be more forgiving about most of the issues happening in my life.”
  • “That I like to cook even though I hate the kitchen!”

The downside:

  • “Less connection with nature.”
  • “Loneliness.”
  • “Not being able to see my loved ones.”
  • “That I don’t party.”
  • “Workers on daily wages who are suffering.”
  • “Bad sleeping schedule.”

Personal resolutions:.

  • “To be more responsible and count on myself.”
  • “Try to stay positive and help others.”
  • “Keeping a minimum of 2 hours a day for myself.”
  • “Participate in chores more.”
  • “Keep eating healthy food.”
  • “Organize my life more, change my priorities, and thank God more.”

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