Sinatra at West Square Mall, SODIC

Any food haven created as a tribute to ‘ol blue eyes’ is half way to winning us over before we walk in the door. And Sinatra has done Frank proud, with a convivial atmosphere, great service and an appetizing menu.

Signature Dishes & Dishes Sampled

Their signature dishes are New York, New York beef tenderloin steak, Sinatra Dancing Song (strips of beef tenderloin in a signature sauce), Chicken Pizza Sinatra Style.

The crisp winter air had us craving some real comfort food, so we headed for the menu as soon as we were seated and delved into an array of bread, tapenade, and savory butter dips. First came Arancini, deep fried balls of rice resting on a fresh homemade tomato salsa. The crisp exterior gave way to fluffy, saffron-seasoned rice as soon as our teeth sank in. We would have liked a touch of mozzarella as well though, maybe on our next visit? We had barely had a chance to sip our excellent mock-tails, the aptly named Refresh made with orange, lemon, pineapple, 7-Up, and mint, and the Passion Fruit Mojito, when a piping hot dish of Cannelloni al Formaggio arrived at the table. It smelled and looked divine, al dente pasta with a rich gooey filling of four types of cheese. Baked with fresh tomato salsa and creamy béchamel, it was spot on.

We decided to share a New York New York tenderloin, so as to allow space for dessert. That was no problem, as the portions are extremely generous. The tenderloin comes with a choice of sauces, and we went for the peppercorn option. Rich and bursting with the heat of freshly crushed pepper, it was just the right topping for the tender and precisely cooked steak. With a huge dollop of creamy mashed potato to mop it up with, along with the most exquisitely turned sautéed seasonal vegetables we have seen in a long time, we were very happy diners.

Dessert was as decadently yummy as we had hoped, Chocolate Brownies with Ice Cream and lashings of chocolate sauce, and Lotus Madness, a calorie fest with caramel sauce and plenty of ice cream. No guilt, just pleasure!

Other Menu Options that Appealed

Following our winter mood we would forgo salads, tempting though they look, and go for French Onion Soup, Risotto Funghi or The Girl from Ipanema (chicken and pineapple in a light curry sauce). The burgers and sandwiches would be a good choice for lunch as well.

Beverages Available

Soft options, with a wide range of cold juices, smoothies, shakes and mocktails, plus hot beverages. Shisha is available in a range of flavors in both the indoor and terrace areas.

Décor and Ambience 

Subtle shades of grey and beige dominate, with a wall taken up with black and white music-themed photography. Sinatra offers both indoor and outdoor seating and we noted that even on a winter’s day the terrace area became quite a pleasant little sun trap. The music selection was slightly retro, and created a great background without being disturbing.

Clientele mix: It’s obvious that Sinatra has established a regular clientele in the short time it has been open. It is perfect for families and groups of friends; the vibe is friendly and relaxed.

Price Range: Very affordable, taking into consideration the generous portion sizes which are perfect for sharing.

Worth Noting: There is a Kids’ Menu, and breakfast is available daily from 8 am to 1 pm.

Contact Information

Opening hours:  Breakfast 8 am to 1 pm. Full menu from 1 pm to 1 am.

Address: West Square Mall, Beverly Hills, Sheikh Zayed.

Tel: 02 388 63861

Facebook: Sinatraeg

Instagram: sinatrarestaurantandcafe