By: Mariam Elhamy

Do you feel like you’re young at heart? Or maybe you’re actually an old soul? No matter how you feel there are things you might have experienced that have made you into an adult. Here’s a checklist for all the things you must have done by now to be officially an adult. Keep count of how many you know how to do!

  1. Change a tire
  2. Drive, obviously
  3. Ride a bicycle
  4. Get around without a phone
  5. Parallel park
  6. Jump-start a car
  7. Tie a tie
  8. Nail a job interview
  9. Iron
  10. Cook
  11. Control your anger
  12. Start a conversation
  13. Check your bank account
  14. Say no
  15. Respect other people when they say no to you
  16. Stop losing your keys
  17. Do annual health checkups
  18. Vote
  19. Stop texting and driving
  20. Fixing stuff at home

Being old isn’t necessarily bad it just means you’ve overcome a lot of things in life. But it’s always good to enjoy life and act like a kid when things get too serious. Hakuna Matata!

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