When you start feeling like your heart isn’t in it anymore maybe it’s time to question your relationship. Think about these few things you might be doing with your significant other that indicate you might be falling out of love with them.

By Mariam Elhamy

  1. You’re not excited to see them. You’re not thinking all day about the moment you’re gonna see them and spending time with them has become a sort of duty or a burden.

2. You don’t text or call them as much. When you don’t see each other you don’t just randomly call to check up on them and your texting has become mostly small talk and emotionless.

3. You don’t share good or bad news with them anymore. When you’re excited about something new you bought or mad about your boss giving you a hard time, they’re not the first person you call or tell.

4. You’re busying yourself with other chores/people to avoid them. Whenever they want to hang out you find an excuse to put it off. You feel that you’re too busy to do that at the moment and that there are other important things you need to do.

5. You feel that you’re relationship isn’t going anywhere. You feel stuck in the phase that you’re in and you can’t see a clear future for the relationship anymore because everything is so blurry. You feel afraid or worried about the idea of being with them.

6. You avoid arguments or fights at any cost. If something is upsetting you, you choose to ignore or bury it down to avoid conflict and/or confrontation with them. If they are mad about something, you just agree to end the discussion.

7. You’re ‘innocently’ crushing on other people. Your innocent crushes might not be so innocent after all when you find yourself less attracted to your partner and constantly flirting with others without even realizing it.

8. You’re not interested in what is going on with their day. You don’t care anymore how they spend their time, with who or doing what. You don’t even bother to ask them how their day went because you’re really uninterested.

9. Everything they do or say is becoming increasingly annoying. You feel like they’re always being selfish and you get vexed by most of the things they do or say.

10. You feel that you don’t respect them or what they do anymore. When mutual respect is gone you start to see them and their imperfections in a new light.

What to do?

Take some time to think about if there is anything they did that’s making you mad. Maybe you feel betrayed or that they’re taking you for granted. If that is the case then you should openly talk about it and find solutions to these problems together.

If you feel that it’s not working anymore because the relationship has become like a burden on you or you might even be thinking of someone else. Let them go in a kind and gentle way, they might be going through a tough time already.

What is a Toxic Relationship?