By Mariam Elhamy

Do you have the feeling that your crush is blowing you off? Are they acting a bit too friendly? Here are 15 signs that will indicate whether they’re trying to put you in the friendzone. If you checked off more than 10 then you’re probably already on your way to the friendzone in an express train!

  1. You go the extra mile for them but they don’t notice or appreciate what you do and they don’t do the same.
  2. When you hang out you always end up doing what they want to do.
  3. You keep imagining your future together but you’re terrified to share this with them because they won’t relate.
  4. You’re too available always canceling plans for them and you’re always super excited to see them but they don’t share that enthusiasm.
  5. They call you bro, dude, man, sis, buddy and introduce you or refer to you as “my friend”.
  6. They talk about other people they like, there’s a thin line between trying to make you jealous and actually being interested in someone else.
  7. They blow you off to hang out with their friends or even just chill alone.
  8. There’s no romance, nothing intimate ever happens between you and there’s too little physical contact.
  9. They always invite someone else along making sure you two are rarely alone.
  10. They are too comfortable around you, not trying to impress you or be on their best behavior.
  11. They avoid being seen alone with you in public and when they post a photo of you together they always mention how you’re the best friend ever.
  12. They ask you what you’re doing this weekend but don’t make plans with you.
  13. They say “I wish there were more people like you”.
  14. Whenever you try to tell them about your feelings they use words like “so cute”, ” you’re adorable” or “that’s sweet”.
  15. You’ve made a pact that if you’re not married when you’re 35 you’ll end up together.