Make up for lost time at the gym by hitting the beach and giving your muscles a chance to get back into action. Start off gently, then build daily as your fitness level improves. Sherif Bendary from TWC (Train with the Champions), a new concept of fitness, strength and conditioning with martial arts, for his tips on getting back into shape, so listen up!

Physical activities in open air venues and beaches help you to feel energetic, breathe better and think positively, avoiding negative moods such as anger, depression, and tension.

Best time of day to work out

First thing in the morning because that’s when you’re least likely to have scheduling conflicts and therefore more likely to exercise regularly. Plus, early exercisers often say that a morning routine leaves them feeling more energized and productive during the day.

Morning workouts have an edge. Especially on an empty stomach — is the best way to burn stored fat, making it ideal for weight loss. That’s largely because the body’s hormonal composition in the morning is set up to support that goal.

Take precautions when working out in the heat

When you exercise in hot weather, keep these precautions in mind:

  1. Watch the temperature: Pay attention to weather forecasts and heat alerts. Know what the temperature is expected to be for the duration of your planned outdoor activity. In running events, there are “flag” warnings that correspond to the degree of heat and humidity. For example, a yellow flag requires careful monitoring, and races are canceled in black flag conditions.
  2. Get acclimated: If you’re used to exercising indoors or in cooler weather, take it easy at first when you exercise in the heat. It can take at least one to two weeks to adapt to the heat. As your body adapts to the heat over time, gradually increase the length and intensity of your workouts.
  3. Know your fitness level: If you’re unfit or new to exercise, be extra cautious when working out in the heat. Your body may have a lower tolerance to the heat. Reduce your exercise intensity and take frequent breaks.
  4. Drink plenty of fluids: Dehydration is a key factor in heat illness. Help your body to sweat and cool down by staying well hydrated with water. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink fluids. If you plan to exercise intensely, consider a sports drink instead of water. Sports drinks can replace the sodium, chloride and potassium you lose through sweating. Avoid alcoholic drinks because they can actually promote fluid loss.
  5. Dress appropriately: Lightweight, loose fitting clothing helps sweat evaporate and keeps you cooler. Avoid dark colors, which can absorb heat. If possible, wear a light-colored, wide-brimmed hat.
  6. Avoid midday sun: Exercise in the morning or evening, when it’s likely to be cooler outdoors. If possible, exercise in shady areas, or do a water workout in a pool.
  7. Wear sunscreen: A sunburn decreases your body’s ability to cool itself and increases the risk of skin cancer.
  8. Have a backup plan. If you’re concerned about the heat or humidity, stay indoors. Work out at the gym, walk laps inside the mall or climb stairs inside an air-conditioned building.

Heat-related illnesses are largely preventable. By taking some basic precautions, your exercise routine doesn’t have to be sidelined when the heat is on.

Top tips for staying fit in summer

  1. Drink at least 2 liters of water per day.
  2. Eat at least 3 servings of fruit per day (and whole fruit, not juice).
  3. Eat at least 4 vegetable servings per day (1 cup raw, 1/2 cup cooked = 1 serving).
  4. Avoid eating food that contains hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats.
  5. Avoid eating sweets, desserts and unhealthy snacks more than once per day and limit the serving to 200 calories or less.
  6. Try to eat your last meal 3 hours before bedtime.
  7. Avoid drinking alcohol as much as possible.
  8. Exercise more to lose weight and stay in shape.
  9. Measure your progress.

Exercise Routine

Warm up:

  • 5 minutes of dynamic stretches

Follow with:

  • 3 rounds of cardio
  • 20 high knees
  • 20 kick-throughs
  • 20 shoulder taps

Then go to your main workout:

  • 30 battle rope jacks
  • 15 barbell rows

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