In an intimate sit-down with internationally acclaimed DJ and music producer Sewwes – aka Marwan Ahmed El Swaisy – we learned about a journey of passion for music.

Growing up in a family that loved music and collected cassette tapes likely influenced the young boy’s musical inclinations. Soon enough he started his own collection, and used to even host listening parties for new cassette tape releases as a young boy. But it wasn’t until the day he heard a recording of music being mixed together that he knew exactly what he wanted to do when he grew up.

To Sewwes, the name “Funktions of Funk” is born of his nerdy side. A function of funk typically is a statement that would change according to funk. In other words, it means it is built around funk but it doesn’t have to be funk.

Some of his most notable musical inspirations are James Brown, Quincy Jones, Ziad al Rahbani, Michael Jackson, and his all-time favorite DJ, DJ Satoshi Tomiie.

Sewwes wouldn’t mind being stuck in the late 80s music scene, although he thinks African, Latin and Nubian music deserve more attention. His guilty pleasure song? None other than ‘Can I Touch You There’ by Michael Bolton.

Sewwes dreams of one day playing at Glastonbury, WMC and any festival by the beach.

His favorite night at The Tap so far? Jam nights!

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