On a very busy main artery of Zamalek lies a small shop boasting enormous flavor and nutrients. Every menu item is carefully constructed and blended to provide the body with a healthy treat while not skimping on taste. We visited on a Friday afternoon to scope out what this new eatery has to offer. Self Juicery is considered one of the best healthy food restuarants in Zamalek.

Type of Cuisine

Food to nourish your mind, body and soul. Almond, Coconut and Pistachio Milks and Nut Butters (also on sale!) are freshly made on the premises, and ingredients for all the delicious salads and sandwiches are locally sourced from the top vendors in town.

Juices and Food Sampled

We began our gastronomic journey with a sampling of several Self Blends. The All Green was a delicious and well-balanced treat, consisting of kiwi, arugula, avocado, coconut milk and honey. The mix of flavors was spot-on and not at all tart. The Espresso + Banana came next, and gave a pleasant kick of espresso along with banana, dates, peanut butter, coconut milk, cinnamon and honey – absolutely delicious and coffee lovers will enjoy. Carrot + Ginger and Strawberry + Banana came next, and were appealing to both citrus and sweet lovers alike – the key takeaway here is the thoughtfully balanced flavors and lack of diary, Coconut Milk is the base for all these blends!

We moved on to sampling the salads and were blown away. Each salad comes with a different and flavor-packed dressing, and with the option of adding the protein of your choice – beef bacon, roast beef, sliced steak, BBQ/grilled/shredded chicken, smoked turkey or salmon, tuna or prawns.

A stand-out salad was the Honey Chèvre Salad – a mix of greens, honey-whipped goats cheese, cheddar cheese, cherry tomatoes, caramelized and spring onions, orange, and roasted pistachios. Accompanied by maple vinaigrette, this salad was a feast for the taste buds! The creamy goats cheese mixed in with the greens, crunchy onion and pistachios was a dream along with the citrusy burst from the orange. The real stars in all the salad offerings are the complementary dressings for each one. The Green Salad may seem like an average choice – greens, cucumber, kale, broccoli, mushrooms, spring onions and Parmesan – but with a delicious citrus mustard vinaigrette drizzled on top, the overall taste shoots up several notches.

Sandwich samplings came next, and as sandwich lovers, we were very impressed. The soft brown bread is freshly baked and piping hot, filled with yummy goodies like the Chicken Pesto topped with Parmesan, Turkey and Swiss Cheese with garlic mayo, a kicky Sriracha Tuna with salad, Hummus + Veggies with feta and pesto, and a packed Grilled Cheese with Cheddar, Emmental, mustard and pickles.

For dessert, Greek yogurt pots are on offer in two varieties – Fruit + Nut, a mix of yogurt, seasonal fruit, granola and honey topped with pistachios and the PB + Banana, a mix of yogurt, peanut butter, banana, oats and granola topped with almonds, chia seeds and coconut flakes. Both are exceptionally fresh and filling, great as either a dessert or midday snack.

Overall, a very hearty and happy visit and a welcome addition to the healthy food scene! Customized salads are also available for those who want to build their own creation. A breakfast menu is also coming.

Other Options that Appealed

The shots menu offers on-the-go boosts for antioxidants, heart + head, immunity, and vitamins – a mix of a number of veggies, spices and fruits!

The Décor & Ambience

Inviting and well organized, you are greeted by a full service station upon entry to order what your heart desires. A peanut butter machine sits on a countertop for those who want to “make their own nut butters” on the spot! Upstairs, a cozy seating area with comfy chairs and couches in a neutral palette welcome in-house diners, but decorative touches are still coming with wall art on the horizon.

The ambience is cosmopolitan and on the go! This is the perfect spot to grab a quick lunch or dinner with a friend, or dine alone and catch up on some reading. Low-key and no annoying music blasting to interrupt your experience.

Clientele Mix & Price Range

The established Zamalek crowd and the young, health-minded generation. The price range is moderate, considering quality!

Contact Information

Opening hours: 7 am – 12am.

Delivery/Takeaway: Both available.

Address: 159, 26th of July St – Zamalek.

Tel: 0110 177 7706

Facebook/Instagram: selfjuicery