The up-cycling trend is catching on fast; with local designers like Reform, Gazwareen, The Spring Project and others using otherwise discarded items and materials and reimagining them into beautiful, functional pieces for the home. This suits us just fine as we are all feeling the weight of the recent economic changes, not to mention that up-cycling saves on resources, and consequently creates less waste. 

The Spring Project shared with us some ideas and tips on how to integrate up-cycling into our own lives.

The Spring Project is the materialization of designer Iman Maghawry’s long-held fixation with interiors. The design house works to find, revive, and produce beautiful pieces of furniture. Always on the hunt for lackluster old pieces with plenty of life left to offer, Maghawry rescues these once glorious items and breathes new life into them. The Spring Project is specialized in restoring, repainting, re-upholstering, and hand painting such pieces, as well as in creating new pieces with a deep narrative.

The Spring Project’s Tips for Quick Revamps with Old Items Around the House

Bored of the way something in the house has looked for the past 10 years? Here are some tips for renewing old items you may have around the house.

  • If you realize the wood of a certain piece is flawed and cheap-looking, turn it into a shiny lacquered piece. It won’t look like the old wood anymore but it will rise as a new and contemporary piece.
  • Changing curtains and complimenting them with responsive cushions can give a room a much needed, fresher facelift.
  • If your room door or closet door are plain and flat, panel them. It will instantly give them a European richness.
  • Changing knobs can create a contemporary twist to any unit. Especially if the color pops!
  • Your grandma’s old cane bed looks drab and depressing, paint it white and it will be a fresh shabby-chic little girl’s bed.
  • Displaying knickknacks and trinkets may look cute, but beware. They will collect dust, and worse, will start climbing on you and will end up giving you anxiety. Declutter, declutter, declutter!