When our favorite foods get this healthy, we really have something to celebrate! We visited this healthy food restaurant in Sheikh Zayed and we weren’t disappointed!

Type of cuisine: Rotisserie chicken, oven roasted potatoes, chunky-cut fries, salads, sandwiches, specialty coffees, healthy juices and some sinful desserts.

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It’s not just about chicken, even though the Sanos Rotisserie Chicken is a hot seller. The healthy take on pasta, made with zucchini – zoodles, is a perfect vegan option. The healthy, sugar free smoothies pack in so many vitamins and nutrients you should be primed for at least a day or two.

Popping in for an early midweek bite after work, we took a few minutes to browse through the food options over our cool smoothies. Sanos just oozes a minimalist chic, we relaxed immediately with the BK, a mix of banana, kiwi, apple and orange, as well as the Glow, which packed a punch with pineapple, strawberry, lemon, beetroot and ginger.

At first, our palates did a double take. “What, no sugar?” A few sips in we knew why. The natural flavors shone through, and yes, they were quite sweet enough.

Virtuously, we started with salad. They come in half portions as well, so we went for two to share, the Beetbox, a tasty combination of diced beetroot, salad greens, fennel slaw, fresh herbs, white cheese, pickled walnut and goji berries, along with the Mandarin, a citrusy blend of baby kale, slaw, herbs, spicy caramelized peanuts, orange slices, sesame and peas in a miso-ginger dressing. With two freshly fried chicken tenders as a garnish it was almost a meal in itself.

We followed up with the Zucchini Pasta, slender spirals of lightly cooked zucchini lightly coated in a cashew and cauliflower sauce, just right for vegans and anyone avoiding gluten. Then came the Chicken Wings, coated in the house BBQ sauce, with a honey-ginger dip on the side.  For delicate eaters, gloves are thoughtfully provided.

Then came the star of the show. Our Rotisserie Chicken came with oven-roasted potatoes, flavor -packed from being basted with the natural juices of the chicken as it was roasted above. The chicken was pre-marinated in Sanos’s special mix of herbs and spices, and molasses. Add on a slab of traditional cornbread and you have a meal to remember. We also shared a DBL Spicy Chicken Breast, perfectly grilled and served with a to-die-for quinoa and fereek mix. Do not miss out on this one!

Our generous serving of chunky homemade fries was liberally sprinkled with rosemary, cilantro and parsley. Yummy, but we could barely do them justice as we were filling up quickly.

Everything had been light and healthy, but full of great flavors, so we almost felt guilty sharing a decadent Dulce de Leche Lava Cake. Rich, hot and chocolaty, with a cup of latte coffee on the side, it made a great finale to a thoroughly enjoyable meal.  A big plus, although we had eaten really well, everything had been light and digestible, so we felt well- nourished and energized. Maybe that’s what Sanos is really about?

Other Menu Options that Appealed & Beverages Available

It all looked good. It would be interesting to try the sandwiches; there were some original combinations.

The healthy juices are a must-try, as well as the innovative specialty coffee selection, there is plenty of choice, with teas, juices and other soft options.

Décor & Ambience

Cleverly put together, and very ‘of the moment’.  The combination of simple marble tables with retro salt and pepper shakers and napkin stands gave a 40’s vibe, harmonizing easily with the pale green banquette seats which echoed the current Scandinavian rage for the natural, organic tones of the fjords. Very pared back, but exuding a designer edge. Thumbs up, Sanos! There is choice between indoor and outdoor seating.

The staff is immensely helpful and knowledgeable about the dishes and service is polite and professional without being overbearing. With a well-compiled selection of background music, the whole feel is very calm and chilled out.

Clientele mix:

25+ sophisticated, food conscious crowd.

Price range: Moderate

Contact Information

Opening hours: Brunch menu from 10 am to 3 pm, weekends to 2 pm.

All-day menu from 1 pm to midnight.

Address: Galleria 40, Sheikh Zayed

Tel:  0100 4848 840