Summer is on its way! It’s time to start preparing your feet for the coming months of fun, sea and sun. Think of all the work your feet do, don’t they deserve a little pampering? Set off the stunning result with a custom-designed anklet and let your feet do the talking…

Zen Foottee Foot Massager – OWAGA

The Zen Foottee is the ultimate foot-massager that utilizes tapping and rolling techniques with Zen wisdom to keep your feet as happy as possible.

Velvet Smooth Electric Foot File – DR. SCHOLL

Achieve beautiful and smoother feet and legs with a practical design after the first use.

Evasiline Heel Cream – EVA COSMETICS

Rescue your feet from cracked heels and hardened, rough skin. Evasiline Heel Cream repairs and soothes your dry skin, leaving your feet refreshed and hydrated.


feet care Rich in 10% urea, glycerin, shea butter and lactic acid, Urepar Foot Cream helps you say goodbye to dryness, roughness and cracked heels.

Intensive Healing Foot Mask – PUREDERM 

feet care Give dry, calloused, tired feet a treat with Purederm’s Intensive Healing Foot mask. The newly designed sock type mask repairs rough dry feet and heels with a combination of apple extracts and shea butter. 

Kyra Naturals Cocoa Butter Foot Balm – SOURCE BEAUTY

feet care Cocoa Butter Foot Balm from Kyra Naturals quickly hydrates, softens and nourishes dry and calloused skin. Rich in cocoa butter and antioxidants as well as lanolin, which is a natural emollient, it will keep your feet looking their best through the long months of summer.

Gel Couture Nail Polish – ESSIE

Show off your lovely feet with long-wear nail polish in pastel tones perfect for a spring day. 

  • Fairy Tailor sheer nude pink glows with a gel-like shine and finish.
  • Polished & Poised is a long-wear nail polish in creamy white-based pink to show off a golden tan.
  • Sizzling Hot is a long-wear nail polish in creamy hibiscus red to complement your vivacious spirit.

    feet care
    Sizzling Hot
  • Sew Me is a long-wear nail polish in creamy caramel rose that works with your favorite wardrobe staples.

    feet care
    Sew Me

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