Think sun, sea and chilling out, with just enough of a party vibe to spice things up. Are we thinking of Sahel, or maybe Miami, or an inspired mix of both? Miami is known for its distinctive architecture and design; Art Deco may be the first to spring to mind. But, let’s not forget MiMo, or Miami Modernist architecture. As the 1950s rolled around, spirits needed boosting after the long years of war and slow economic recovery. Where was the fun, the glamour, the creativity that had always characterized this coastal city? Miami rose again, with these elements adding a new edge to the practical, pared back and rather plain architecture of the day. The result has lived on, and is being embraced with a resurgence and global appreciation of iconic MiMo style.

The result is an airy, spacious home where each feature has room to breathe. Colours reflect the nature around, with earthy naturals balancing against soft blues and the sharper contrast of black lighting and the distinctive desk and chair.

The comfort and convenience of the owners was uppermost when it came to the design of the kitchen and dining space. Everything flows and works in a relaxed way without sacrificing function and practicality. Sleek minimalism is enhanced by the thoughtful use of superb finishes and materials, creating a kitchen that is a work of art in itself.

The brief to architect and interior designer Hisham Ghorab and his Style Design team was to bring that spirit to Sahel, with a vacation home that would provide a space for the owner’s curated collection of 50s inspired furniture and art, while allowing for the relaxed, sociable lifestyle that defines the North Coast summers.

The sleeping quarters continue the mood. Serenity rules, with a touch of inspirational energy coming with pieces from the owner’s art collection. The custom-designed walk-in dressing room in the master bedroom has everything within easy reach, working as an integrated, aesthetic element in the room’s design.

Photographer: Dina Samahy