ramadan series

By: Mariam Elhamy

Can’t wait to start watching Ramadan series? Well, we know that TV has always taken up a huge part of our routine in Ramadan and we just can’t miss watching the most talked-about series and TV shows. To give you a quick glimpse of what TV will be all about this Ramadan we’ve rounded up a few shows that we are eagerly expecting for Ramadan 2020. Enjoy!


Adel Imam returns with a comedy show under the name Valentino. Directed by no other than his son Ramy Imam.

El Prince

The drama show El Prince stars Mohamed Ramadan and a huge cast including Nour, Rojina, Edward, Ahmed Zaher, Naglaa Badr, Ahmed Dash, and many others.

Al Nehaya

Ramadan SeriesWhat’s Ramadan without a thriller show? This year’s thrill comes from Al Nehaya starring… you guessed it! Youssef El Sherif with Sherif Mounir and Nahed El Sebai.

El Fatwa

We’re expecting a lot of drama action from El Fatwa, starring the usual combo of Yasser Galal, Ahmed Salah Hosny, Mai Omar, Naglaa Badr and many others.

B 100 Wesh

Ramadan SeriesWe can’t wait to see what Nelly Karim and Asser Yassin have in store for us this year with their show B 100 Wesh. The show’s cast also includes Ola Roshdy and Bayoumi Fouad.

Leebet El Nesyan

When we found out that Dina El Sherbiny, Injy El Mokkadem, Ahmed Dawoud, Ragaa El Gedawy and rising star Aly Kassem have a show called Leebet El Nesyan we immediately knew that this is a show not to miss!

Al Kahera Kabool

Is Khaled El Sawy the villain or the good guy this time? Find out this Ramadan in the thriller Al Kahera Kabool.

Hagma Mortada

Ramadan SeriesThis year round Ahmed Ezz is doing a thriller show with Hend Sabry, Hesham Selim and many others.

Shahed Ayan

Hassan El Radad is staying away from comedy this year and we’ll be seeing him in a more serious tone in Shahed Ayan side by side with Basma, Hana Shiha, and Mohamed Lotfy.

El Ekhteyar

Action-filled show El Ekhteyar is is a biography based on true events and is played by Amir Karara, Ahmed El Awady, Eyad Nassar, Mohamed Emam and many others.


The drama show Layalina seems promising. The cast includes Ghada Adel, Eyad Nassar, Khaled El Sawy, Sabrin and others.

Sultanet El Moez

Ghada Abdelrazek seems to have stuck to her typical role in the new show Sultanet El Moez, also starring Hassan Hosny, Mohamed Lotfy, Dina and others.

Lama Kona Soghayareen 

Khaled El Nabawy, Mahmoud Hemeida, Reham Haggag, Hany Adel, Karim Kassem, Menna Fadaly, Mahmoud Hegazy and many others star in the thriller Lama Kona Soghayareen.

W Neheb Tany Leh

A little romance is heading our way with Yasmin Abdulaziz, Karim Fahmy, Sherif Mounir, Sawsan Badr, Tara Emad and many more.

Eswed Fateh

We’re intrigued to find out what Haifa Wehbe has in store for us this year with her show Eswed Fateh. Also starring Ahmed Fahmi and Sherif Salama.

Regalet El Beit

Who does not love a little comedy in Ramadan? We certainly do and we’re definitely tuning in on this show by Ahmad Fahmy, Akram Hosny, Bayoumi Fouad, Lotfy Labib, and Arafa Abdel Rasoul.

Dahab Eera

Yousra always has something good cooking in the kitchen and her shows never disappoint.

Forsa Tanya

Yasmine Sabri shines in the drama Forsa Tanya alongside Ahmed Magdy, Edward, Sara El Shamy, Heba Magdy, kareem Kassem and others.

Takatoa Toroq

Another romance expected this Ramadan starring the beautiful Mona Zaki, Mohamed Mamdouh, Amina Khalili, Mohamed Farrag, Sayed Ragab and others.

Gama Salem

We’re excited for his drama starring Zeina, Dalal Abdelaziz, Mohammed Alaa, Malak Koura, Salwa Khattab and others.

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