By: Mariam Elhamy

The time has come nightly food comas and binge-watching up to 100+ hours of TV in one month! Yes, friends, Ramadan is less than 3 weeks away – and we have the full list of what series might be hitting the screens during the holy month. Of course, nothing is guaranteed and some show names may change, or some might get axed or postponed, but let’s take a look at what is in store for TV junkies!


Cast: Adel Emam, Dalal Abdel Aziz, Nicole Saba, Huda El Mufti, Tarek El Ebiary
Written by: Ayman Bahgat Kamar
Directed by: Rami Imam

A comedy that revolves around Nour Abdel Megid, the owner of a group of international schools.

Kalabsh 3

Cast: Amir Karara, Nabil Nour El Deen, Ahmed Ezz El Deen, Hala Fakher, Yosra El Lozy
Written by: Baher Dwedar
Directed by: Peter Mimi

Selim El Ansary sends his resignation from the position of Minister of Internal Affairs to General Gamal Khattab, who declines his resignation at first, but accepts it later on. That’s when Selim decides to start his own security company.


Cast: Amr Saad, Kamal Abou Raya, Hala Sedki, Hanady Mehanna

The series follows Baraka, who arrives from Upper Egypt with his mother to live in Cairo, but lands in a lot of trouble at the hands of a number of influential people. Throughout his trouble, he is supported by his mother and the neighbors’ daughter, who incidentally has fallen in love with him.

Weld El Ghalaba

Cast: Ahmed El Sakka, Engy El Mokadem, Mai Omar, Fayek Azab
Written by: Ayman Salama
Directed by: Mohamed Samy

An ordinary man from Upper Egypt suffers from poverty and is forced to work two jobs, the first is a teacher in a public school and the second as a taxi driver in the evenings. Despite the fact that he has two jobs, he is driven by his financial needs to become a drug dealer.


Cast: Mohamed Ramadan, Hala Shiha, Hanan Soliman, Ahmed Siam
Written by: Abdel Rahim Kamal
Directed by: Ibrahim Fakhr

Set around the events preceding the 1992 earthquake, a man buys a house in installments with a fixed duration. When the last installment is due, the owner of the house is required to register the house in the buyer’s name and give up his ownership, however this doesn’t happen and the 1992 earthquake hits Cairo.

Lams Aktaf

Cast: Yasser Galal, Caroline Khalil, Hanan Metaweh, Fathy Abdel Wahab
Written by: Hani SarhanDirected by: Hussein El Menbawy

Boxer Adham is involved in criminal acts, but decides to give it all up and live a secure and stable life. Little does he know, he fallen into trouble with the mafia …


Cast: Mohamed Emam, Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Abeer Sabry, Ryad El Kholy
Directed by: Shereen Adel

A young man living in a slum has been dubbed “Hogan” by his neighbors because of his super strength abilities. People have witnessed him moving cars with his bare hands, or twisting metal coins with his fingers or teeth, and he chews on glass. Hogan’s popularity keeps rising to extend beyond his neighborhood and into elite societies where his life would never be the same.

Abu Gabal

 Cast: Mostafa Shaban, Mahmoud El Bezzawy, Hassan Hosny, Racha Ben Maaouia
Directed by: Ahmed Saleh

Abu-Gabal and his family live a very stressful life. As a reaction to all the uncomfortable circumstances in which he lives with his family, he starts losing control over himself.


Cast: Gamal Soliman, Bassem Yakhour, Basel Khayat, Sulafa Memar

In this series, the Mamluks’ journey from slavery to becoming military generals in Egypt will show how their powerfulness extended into Egypt’s political life and how it helped them gain rule over many territories and defeat their enemies.

Lakher Nafas

Cast: Yasmin Abdulaziz, Fathy Abdel Wahab, Mohamed Ezz, Awatef Helmy
Directed by: Hossam Ali

A female engineer is married to a police officer and has a daughter and a son. Together they lead a family life that is unique to their different characters and their day-to-day coping with life’s events is as interesting as it is dramatic.

Fekra B Million Geneh

Cast: Ali Rabie, Tariq Abd Al-Aziz, Sabrin, Salah Abdullah
Directed by: Wael Ehsan

A story about a young man who believes in an idea, and sees that it will be a solution to many of the problems in his small community. He tries to implement it in every way possible, which results in many funny events and comic paradoxes.

El Qaema 33

Directed by: Mohamed Salama.

Amr Youssef hosts a list of Egyptian artists and celebrities.


Cast: Yasmine Sabri, Wafaa Amer, Hanadi Muhanna, Ahmed Salah Hosny, Ahmed Hatem

Yasmine Sabri plays the role of a girl traumatized in her childhood because she witnessed the death of her father right before her own eyes. Later she gets into conflicts with her mother’s family and travels there from Upper Egypt. Events unfold within a framework of a romance.

El Princess Pesa

Cast: Mai Ezz Eldin, Poussy, Mervat Amin, Soliman Eid
Directed by: Akram Farid

Mai Ezz El-Din embodies two characters, the first is a local girl, who works in the wedding field, and inherits a school after the death of her uncle, who lived in Italy. Actor Amir Al-Masri then falls in love with Pess. The second character that she plays is Pess’s grandma, who lives with her, and imposes royalties on the people of the region in a comedic sense.

Kingdom of Satan

Cast: Rania Yousef, Ghada Adel, Eman El Assy, Salwa Khattab

The story of the series revolves around an alley called “Haddouka”.

Talqet Haz

Cast: Mostafa Khater, Ayten Amer, Enaam Salosa, Emmy
Directed by: Ahmed Khaled Amin

A comedy about a guy who is always in trouble with his four sisters, which creates conflict with his wife who is trying to support him in managing his family situation.


Cast: Taim Hassan, Cyrine Abdel Nour, Mona Wasef, Abdo Shahin

Gabal falls in love with a girl, amidst the bitter conflicts in which he is involved.

Ebn Osoul

Cast: Hamada Helal, Iten Amer, Emad Rashad, Inas Kamel
Directed by: Mohamed Bakir

Hisham comes from a rich family who works in the diamond trade industry, suddenly he becomes hysterical thinking that some people are trying to kill him and seeks to convince his family of what he believes. Later on, he discovers that his grandfather is somehow involved and everything turns upside down.

Super Mero

Cast: Amy Samir Ghanem, Hamdy Al-Merghany, Malak Koura, Mohamed Mahmoud

Amy plays a super hero who works as a journalist in a magazine and goes through many comedic events.

El-Wad Sayed El-Shahat

Cast: Ahmad Fahmy, Hana Al Zahed, Mohamed Abd Al-Rahman, Akram Hosni
Directed by: Ahmed El Gendy

A poor young man marries a rich girl whose family, he discovers, are trying to get their money back from one of his family members who had stolen the amount of 6 million pounds from them.

Zay El-Shams

Cast: Dina Al-Sherbini, Ahmed Dawood, Riham Abdul Ghafour, Sawsan Badr, Ahmed Salah Al-Saadany
Directed by: Kamla Abu Zekri

A thrilling mystery about a lawyer and her dead brother. As she starts to investigate what happened to him and the nature of his death, she believes the crime has been commited by someone close to him.

Al Hallaj

Cast: Ghassan Massoud, Manzer Reyahna, Mona Wasef, Akef Najem

Al-Hallaj covers the biography of the famous Sufi Al-Hussein Bin Mansour Al-Hallaj in an imaginary historical context beginning in the year 265 AH during the second Abyssinian era, a period that witnessed a lot of turmoil with the fight for power.

At First Sight

Cast: Donia Samir Ghanem, Ahmed Rizk, Samir Ghanem, Dalal Abdelaziz
Directed by: Khaled El Halafawy

The series comprises of different events and characters in each episode.

Ramadan 2019 Series

Hadota Mora

Cast: Ghada Abdelrazek, Ahmed Seyam, Majdi Kamel, Aaidah Riyadh

In a tragic drama, the series revolves around a woman who is living a family crisis that threatens her future life.


Cast: Mohamed Mamdouh, Amina Khalil, Mohamed Farrag, Ali Al Tayeb
Directed by: Karim El Shenawy

In a thriller murder mystery, a police investigator is assigned to look for the murderer to bring him to justice.

El Zoga El 18

Cast: Hasan Al-Raddad, Salwa Khattab, Mahmoud El Bezawy, Hidy Karam
Directed by: Mosatafa Fekry

In a comic social context, a young businessman is involved in many problems because of polygamy.


Cast: Wissam Sabbagh, Nahla Akl Dawoud, Ahmed Fahmy, Maguy Bou Ghosn

A group of comedic paradoxes in which the main characters, Ahmed Fahmy and Maguy Bou Ghosn. fall into after becoming acquainted.

Dream Maker

Cast: Mai Selim, Arwa Gouda, Eli Mitri, Jihad Saad

This drama series takes viewers on a journey of how dreams are made and how we think that they are super long when in reality they are usually just a few seconds.


Cast: Eyad Nassar, Suhair Fahd, Abir Issa, Diana Rahme

The series presents a variety of stories from rural Palestinian lands, addressing many of the human and historical values ​​experienced by Arabs and Jordanians in particular.