The 2020 summer season was undoubtedly a unique one. Because of COVID-19, we experienced a summer that was mostly centered around social distancing, masks, and making sure we stay safe as we collectively fight this pandemic.

But as the summer passes and schools reopen, whether online or back in physical classes, Tabibi wanted to take a moment and use this issue to talk more about the things you can do to protect your child during the upcoming academic year.

The first and most important aspect of keeping your kids safe is to ensure they are provided with all their required vaccinations so that they could start the year well protected from all preventable diseases, such as the flu, HPV, tetanus, and meningitis. Please, refer to your doctor to ensure your child has taken all required vaccinations, or contact us at Tabibi to have all your child’s medical records saved.

Even though we do not yet have a vaccine for COVID-19, we do have vaccinations for different diseases like measles, chickenpox and, mumps. It is our duty as parents to make sure our kids are well vaccinated against these diseases, because the more we wait to get our kids vaccinated, the more we risk an outbreak of these diseases.

As always, Tabibi has your back by providing top-class doctors in all fields and the most reliable vaccination service available, so make sure you reach out to us through or hotline 16724 or website to book an appointment for your child’s vaccination.


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