By Mariam Elhamy

Prama is a new training concept that levels up boring, tired cardio training by combining dynamic instructors, cool music, interactive screens, pressure-sensitive floors and walls and lighting features. The interactive screens track each person’s heart rate and pace of activity. The system also has special workout programs designed for training strength, speed, agility and much more. We spoke with personal trainer Omar Fouad to learn more about the launch of Prama in Egypt and how it is different from the traditional workout.

What is Prama?

Prama is for everyone and anyone! Each person can go at their own pace, intensity and speed so beginners and more advanced people can train side by side with no competition. There are also specialized Prama workouts such as Prama Seniors, which is a workout designed for ages 60+ and focuses on mobility, strength, balance, cardiovascular capacity and coordination. Prama Basketball is for those who are trying to learn basic skills, and those who are more advanced and want to improve or practice their skillset. Last but not least, there is Prama Kids and Family, offering fun quality time for families by engaging in a workout focused on on motor skills and strength capacity.

How to do it

A typical Prama workout involves moving between stations, each with a computer screen to display your heart rate, activity, and remaining time. Usually, you begin with a normal warm up and a typical workout includes a maximum of 8 stations. You spend 1 full minute per station with a rest time of 15 seconds between each station. The entire workout is repeated 3 times.

For example, one station may require running from one side of the room to the other, requiring you to step on the light on the floor in the process. Other stations may require lunges while carrying weights, plank dumbbell rows, or slider push-ups.

Why is Prama good for me?

There are two types of Prama workouts: Prama Energy and Prama Strength. Prama Energy is a total body workout in less than 60 minutes. It is a combination of functional training and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which focuses on increasing the heart rate through station training without breaks. This improves weight management, tones your body, burns more calories, and increases total fitness conditioning.

Prama Strength has more sets and repetitions of exercises at each station with breaks between each set. It focuses on isolation and compound strength exercises targeting major muscle groups. Prama Strength improves physique, and increases muscle mass percentage. The intensity of the exercise changes throughout the whole workout.

Enjoy the results!

Good news! You can burn up to 750 calories per 45 minutes. On the short term, you will find improved performance, balance, coordination, agility and reaction time. Longer-term results include increased cardiovascular efficiency, improved muscle tone, and increased metabolism post-workout which results in better shape, bigger muscle mass and fat loss.

Omar Fouad is a certified personal trainer, group class instructor, Prama instructor, sports and pregnancy nutritionist, and a dentistry student. Find contact details and where to Prama here:

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