The best accessory to go with your summer tan is a gleaming white smile. The good news is that Oasis Clinics has a state-of-the-art dental service right in the heart of Sa7el, with all of the services and treatments you need to keep your family’s teeth in perfect condition. We chatted with Dr. Bassem Samir to learn more.

CWM: Dr. Bassem, what services does the dental section in Sa7el offer?

Dr. BS: We offer a full range of dental treatment treatments, covering all the services needed to maintain dental health, in addition to cosmetic dentistry to enhance your smile. Our team handles implants and root canal treatments, as well as scaling and cleaning for gums. Children are special to us; we like to see them develop good dental hygiene habits from an early age and do our best to make each visit a fun experience.

It has become increasingly important to consider attractive teeth an important part of your health and grooming, and our clinic has the latest technology available to make this possible. The Cad-Cam machine is used to create a Hollywood smile, with full coverage crowns or veneers that can be delivered the same day. Dull and stained teeth can be given a fresh look by bleaching with PHILLIPS ZOOM-4, and an untidy or pigmented gum line can be corrected easily by laser treatment and gum scaling and cleaning.

What new treatments do you offer?

The Cerec Machine is the robot that delivers either crowns or veneers during the same visit, avoiding the hassle of taking impressions and then having to wait three or four days until delivery. We offer ZOOM 4 Bleaching, the best-known bleaching machine of all time, which offers an impressive result with no sensitivity.

Gum problems and irregularities are taken care of with soft tissue laser, which is used in cases of gingival depigmentation, and what is known as a ‘gummy smile’.  The treatment is painless and you can see the difference on the spot.

Implant placement is so easy now with 3D X-ray. It only takes five minutes to place one, compared to the much longer process used before.

What are your 5 top tips for maintaining a bright, healthy smile?

1- Brush your teeth twice a day with the use of a proper mouthwash.

2- Routine check-ups with your dentist every three months to check up on the health of the teeth and gums.

3- Gum cleaning and tooth polishing should be done every three months.

4- Children should consult an orthodontist at age of 12 years to see whether they need braces or not.

5- Take care of toddlers’ teeth once they appear in the mouth to avoid caries or lesions.

What are the 5 most damaging habits for your teeth?

1- Thumb-sucking by children in their early years can cause defects in the upper teeth and mouth arch.

2- Drinking too much caffeine and smoking both cause permanent yellowish tooth discoloration.

3- Neglecting your check up and your daily brushing routine is a KILLER for your teeth.

4- Pulling out your teeth should be the last resort, not the first, as a tooth is an important organ that should be saved and maintained.

5- Avoid use of toothpicks as they cause receding in the gingival area between teeth, which create areas where food can accumulate, resulting in inflammation and pain in this area.

What is the best way to teach children to take care of their teeth?

Show them how to brush their teeth and how they become white and clean afterwards. Teach them the importance of teeth- brushing and that going to the dentist is something fun and to embrace it!

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