Gourmet foodies, Pier88 has a treat for us! Ever wanted to try your hand at a Michelin star chef’s recipe? Michelin Star Chef Giorgio Diana has supplied us with a five star recipe that will tantalize the taste buds!


100 g scallops
20 g Dijon mustard
80 g baby corn
10 g popcorn
French dressing drops
Eggplant purée
Coconut flax
Clarified butter
Fresh tarragon

For the coconut foam

100 g coconut milk
100 g normal milk
2 g hondashi
Heat to 72o C

For the garnish

Fresh tarragon leaves
French dressing drops
Eggplant purée drops
Coconut flax
Salted popcorn


Pan-fry the scallops with clarified butter and fresh tarragon.

Sous-vide the baby corn at 58o C for 30 minutes. Before serving put the mustard on the top of each scallop.

Finally, put coconut foam on the middle of plate before serving.