6 Types of People you Shouldn’t Date

6 Types of People you Shouldn’t Date

People you Shouldn't Date

Heads up! These 6 people are traps you don’t want to fall into. The clingy, the possessive, the unhappy, the narcissist, the overly dramatic and the unambitious. All these people are ticking timebombs that will only mess up your life. Here’s how you can easily identify them.

The Clingy

They call you constantly, they need you all the time because they can’t do anything on their own. They’re very insecure, always thinking that they’re not good enough and you’re gonna leave them so they overcompensate a lot. They always expect or do huge romantic gestures and they love PDA so if you’re a person who appreciates their privacy and personal space avoid this type because you’ll feel suffocated in the relationship.People you Shouldn't Date

The Unhappy

They’re always frowning and never seem to be in a good mood. They’re never satisfied with anything and totally hate their life without a good reason. If you date someone who’s in love with their misery to try to make them happy they’ll only bring you down with them. They also probably haven’t gotten over their ex or some kind of traumatic or toxic relationship in their past and this will have a huge weight on your relationship.

The Narcissist

They’re self-obsessed, they judge everyone around them and they are very selfish. They’re obviously insecure about their self-image and they’re always trying to hide or change something about them. Trying to please this kind of person is draining because they are perfectionists and they’ll want you to look and act the part too. They’re not empathetic, they’re rude to others and they don’t care about anyone other than themselves. They also never admit they’re wrong or accept their mistakes.People you Shouldn't Date

The Overly Dramatic

They LOVE DRAMA. They’re very high-maintenance and make a big deal out of literally EVERYTHING! They always need comforting and a lot of attention. It’s exhausting to be around them and you’ll feel like you always need a break from all the drama.

The Possessive

They’ve disconnected you from all your friends so you rarely see them anymore. They want you to spend time with them only and they’ve probably asked you to unfriend or even block some friends on Facebook. They rarely wanna go out or be around many people and they’re incredibly jealous of everyone and anyone that comes near you. A piece of advice? RUN!

The Unambitious

They don’t have any dreams or aspirations. They’re content with where they are and they never aim to grow or improve themselves. They’re afraid to try new things or get out of their comfort zone. They don’t make an effort in anything they do and they wait for things to just happen. When it’s time to act they’ll make tons of excuses instead of taking action.