eco friendly straws

Adding to the deluge of plastic littering our world, plastic straws have always been one of the major culprits. So let’s feel good about the fact that a local company is up and running to provide eco-friendly paper straws.

These bestselling eco-friendly straws work perfectly with any type of drink. Strong, colorful and stylish, these biodegradable marvels are great for kids and adults alike. Innovation has always been at the core of Smart Straws’ offering, and as they have seen and been part of the wave of the movement towards eco-friendly alternatives to single use items, they saw a fit for what they could offer to go green and save mother nature.

How it kicked off

The idea was started by the Founder and CEO of Smart Straws, Michael Adel. A strong supporter of local manufacturing of eco-friendly products to global standards, he launched Smart Straws in November of 2018.  Of course there was some hesitation from the market, but after a trial period with certificates from the Ministry of Health and the Egyptian Organization for Standards & Quality at the beginning of 2019, Smart Straws has since covered the Egyptian market and sent products to the Gulf and North Africa. And there will be more eco friendly alternatives to come!

eco friendly straws

Biodegradable, hygienic and non-toxic

All components in the straws are biodegradable, compostable, and sustainable, and are extremely sturdy and resistant to cracking and splitting. Not only will they naturally degrade, they don’t contain any genetically modified ingredients and like all the company’s products, are 100% chlorine and fluoro-chemical free. Smart Straws help reduce plastic pollution by decomposing in just 45 to 90 days. Go green!

Handy packaging

The selection of biodegradable straws includes unwrapped options, as well as individually wrapped styles that ensure optimal cleanliness and sanitation. The straws come in a wide variety of sizes from 6, 8, 10, 12 mm and colors, they also offer different kinds of packaging according to individual needs.

In the pipeline

In addition to this product, which provides a sustainable, alternative solution to plastic straws, the company is also considering new eco-products such as edible cups and plates and cutlery.  Stay tuned and save mother nature! .

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