Ox in Heliopolis

OX brings you a cross of Texan country-style dishes with a Mexican border twist, coupled with some live music too so you can properly enjoy your Tex-Mex.

Dishes Sampled

We chose one of the high tables on the outdoor patio and settled down while taking in the restaurant interior. We sipped on aperitivo drinks and nibbled on peanuts served from a charming jute bag, as the night seemed promising. Ox has a heavily meat-based menu, with a fridge displaying dry-aged beef meat cuts to the customers.

We began with the traditional Buffalo Wings, the Chicken Tenders, the Blackened Tuna and the Coconut Shrimp. The first one to arrive was the Blackened Tuna, squared cuts of blackened seared tuna. The fresh tuna was blackened by a mix of seasonings that gave it a dark crust. The dish was elegant and the tuna extremely fresh, served with pickled ginger, wasabi mayo and soy sauce.

The Buffalo Wings, Chicken Tender and Jumbo Coconut Shrimp all arrived at once. Both chicken and shrimp were hand-battered and golden fried. The Jumbo Shrimp (a portion of 4) were marinated in coconut cream and fried in beer which is a delicious pairing, enhancing the flavor of the shrimp.

This dish came served with spicy orange marmalade; whereas the chicken fingers were served with ranch sauce and fries. Our Buffalo Wings were nonetheless a delightful experience. Finger licking wings, spicy hot, served with celery cuts, fries and blue cheese.

We noticed a lot of burgers being served so we went for OX’s signature one: The Mushroom Swiss; along with a succulent Bourbon Delmonico ribeye steak. The burger was spot on, messy but delightful. The layers of meat, melted cheese, sauce and bun were right on the proportions.

Our steak was a show on the side, with a shot glass of Bourbon used to flambé the meat before your eyes. As the music gently took over, time flew before we knew it.

Beverages: Cold and hot drinks with a full-fledged bar.

Décor and Ambiance

Much chicer than a cantina, Ox is a vibrant cowboy-themed restobar. Wagon wheel chandeliers, Fleur de Lis wallpaper in red and gold, a special sheriff’s seating corner, wooden bar, neon cactuses. The restaurant interior is full of warmth and charm. You cannot miss the huge dry-aged beef fridge displayed on one of the side walls. The patio is welcoming and cozy, with a tree standing just next to the fence and brimming lights giving it an extra charm in the evening.

Ox in Heliopolis

Clientele mix: Vibrant Heliopolis crowd.

Price range: Higher-end

Contact information

Address: 58 Beirut Street, Heliopolis

Working hours: Mall hours

Tel: 0121 206 6664

Facebook/Instagram: @ox_egypt

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